Things to Covet

Fabulous baby things to covet.

snuggly baby!

How does one determine which sling is the best?

Awesome stroller – the seat for newborn is also a car seat. And it folds up small, perfect for little apartment.

The most beautiful rocking chair on the planet. *drool*

Bento diaper bag – perfect for days out and about.

The hammock suspends from a stand or ceiling hook.

Baby hammock: for the first 4 months.

So pretty!

Great crib, probably the one we will go with.

Finn + Emma play gym

This is the only play gym I’ve ever seen that wasn’t hideous. I love how pretty and peaceful it looks.


3 responses to “Things to Covet

  • Nona

    And what color sling would the red bean prefer do you think? Personally, I like the multi-color strip.

    Love you, all three~

    • DragonKat

      Forgot to update the link – click it again and it takes you to the one I want. Just in the black – this particular one gets better reviews, but it comes in fewer colors. I would need the large. Thanks, Nona!


    I think the baby hammock link is still not working. Would love to learn where to get it!

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