I’ve been working hard at making reasonable choices about the baby stuff we need. My first entry to this page is a list written up by new parents Andrew and Rachel, from our childbirth class. They had the precociousness (is that a word?) to have their daughter before class was even over. They came back to the last class to share wisdom from the other side. Including a list of stuff!

Writes Andrew:

There were a couple questions about what you needed to have when the baby was born.  Rachel and I decided to put together the list of what we have used thus far.  We took what seemed like a minimalist approach, but I know – even before writing this – that it will be a long list (though nothing compared to what buybuyBaby will tell you is needed).  Here it goes!

  • Crib (with mattress, mattress pad, wool puddle pad, and sheet)
  • Baby cam over crib (so that we – and grandparents – can also see Juliana online!)
  • Homemade baby monitor (our house phone does a walkie talkie sort of thing on speakerphone)
  • Cradle (this is arguably excessive, but we keep it on a different level from the crib for use during the day)
  • Dresser / changing table, changing pad, changing pad cover
  • Disposable diapers stolen from the hospital (plus others bought afterwards) and disposable diaper wipes (including a travel size pack for going out)
  • Pre-fold cloth diapers for use as burpcloth and as additional soaking on changing pad (Juliana does her business with her diaper off, too)
  • Cloth diaper wipes (for wiping up when changing diapers and for sponge baths), spray bottle, California Baby soap (to make wash solution to spray on diaper wipes)
  • Fitted cloth diapers (not yet in use since her legs are too skinny still)
  • Trash can next to changing table (and soon to have a bag for cloth diapers)
  • The “Diaper Dude” – a birthday present from Rachel for me to stylishly carry around all the diaper stuff! – comes with mobile changing pad
  • Formula (stolen from hospital) and organic formula (from Whole Foods) – never plan on using but just in case it is necessary in the middle of the night
  • Rented hospital grade breast pump plus accessories including pumping bottles and corresponding feeding nipples (yes, stolen from the hospital); Ivory dish soap for cleaning accessories; just ordered storage bags (no long-term storage of breastmilk produced in first 3 weeks since it changes up until then)
  • Boppy (have 2, have used 1) plus Boppy cover
  • About 4 bajillion receiving blankets; some swaddle blankets; two SwaddleMes (velcro straightjacket)
  • A few sleep sacks (since after day 5 babyliked her arms free)
  • Medically stuff:  bulb aspirator, rectal thermometer (it seems most pediatricians will want a rectal temp if you call with an issue), baby emery boards, baby nail clippers (I have 3 scratches already from fast-growing and sharp nails!), hand sanitizer for adults, flu shots for adults, TDAP shots for adults, Carlson brand baby vitamin D drops (pediatrician will tell you that you need vitamin D for baby, the breast center has this brand that requires only a single drop each day and lasts for a year)
  • Pacifier (but haven’t used yet)
  • Thumb (used twice so far)
  • “Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge” – look it up on Amazon – plus pink wash basin stolen from hospital
  • Moby wrap (although not yet used due to c-section)
  • Ergobaby carrier and infant insert
  • Carseat (Chicco)
  • Stroller but have not yet used (City Mini plus various adapter pieces)
  • Free and clear detergent for washing baby clothes; Charlie’s soap for washing diapers and diaper wipes
  • Clothes:  more than a few onesies, hats, socks(!), mittens(haven’t used), pants, nighties
  • Camera plus whatever is necessary (i.e. batteries)
  • Singing voice (good or bad, baby doesn’t care)
  • Upholstered gliding chair (amazingly comfortable for breastfeeding – so I’m told)
  • Books – we’ve read her 4-5 books already =)
  • Thank you cards and stamps
  • Humidifier (not used yet but will be shortly when we start running the heat)
  • Night light plus dimmable room light (for late-night feedings)
  • Breastfeeding bras and easy-access, comfy shirts
  • Nipple shields (courtesy of GW)
  • Nursing pads and nipple cream
  • Maxi-pads
  • Home baby scale (borrowed from one of Rachel’s girlfriends) so that we can track weight as well
  • Large freezer (for storage of food from grandmothers)
  • Journal (to help remember what has happened and to document feedings, diapers, and weight)
  • Clock (always-on app on iPhone for knowing how long feedings are)
  • Wine/beer/etc – after 8-9 months, gotta expect a drink between feedings!

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