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May Day. mayday?

Happy May Day! Today is day one of a project I am thrilled to take part in for the third time – the annual WordCount Blogathon. Two years ago, a few months in to my first blog, One A Week, I learned about the Blogathon from Amanda. I jumped in and loved it – the goal is to blog every day for one month, as a way to learn more about writing a blog, building content and discipline, and enhancing readership. Turns out, it’s also a huge committment, and I think I wrote some of my most consistent, interesting posts during that time. I felt incredibly proud of seeing it through and succeeding in posting every day. I am not writing at One A Week anymore ( though maybe one day I will) but I do have hopes for Woah Baby beyond chronicling my journey being Del’s mother, and I think the 2012 Blogathon will help me move in the direction of meeting them.

What are those goals? Foremost, Woah Baby, like anything I write, is a response to the urge within me to just write. I love doing it. It feels good. Secondly, Woah Baby is a way to interact and communicate with others – friends, family, and new friends who arrive here for reasons other than that they know me. I like people. I like their stories almost as much as I like my own. I like conversing, and a blog is an interesting way to engage in topical conversations on subjects that interest me. Third, Woah Baby can be a resource. I would like it to be a destination n the vast web of information and ideas that inspires, empowers, calms and collects women of a certain mindset. If something I say can help another mom make a decision, or feel good about a decision she has already made for herself, I will be happy. If Woah Baby can persuade another mom to try something new, I will be happy. If Woah Baby can enlist the support and feedback of awesome women who are not moms, I will be happy. And frankly, if Woah Baby could in any way produce some revenue, I would be happy.

So, goals: express, engage, empower. Three tidy words that sum up where I would like to go with this blog. And I have the best inspiration ever in Del. And the best support ever in Zach. All I need now is 31 interesting ideas and the minutes necessary to turn them into posts.

Welcome to the 2012 Blogathon.