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As a writer, one thing I really love is readers. Woah Baby began as a private blog, then it was for friends and family, and now I’ve got many readers from all over the place. I’d love more – and one place readers find me is at Top Baby Blogs. TBB ranks great mom and baby blogs by a simple voting system – there’s a badge on the right side of my page you can click that will let you say “I like this blog, and I think others would too!” A few times a year, they ‘reset’ to keep their rankings fresh. If my usual readers would throw a vote my way by clicking the badge, it will help other moms find Woah Baby!



Maybe you want to read something else?

Part of the delight of the annual blogathon is coming across other blogs by writers you really enjoy. I know I will like a blog when I find both the content and the writer’s unique voice suit my taste – that is as indivually governed as choosing friends, so just because I like it doesn’t mean you will. But, it never hurts to introduce your friends to your other friends, so readers, here are a couple of writers I’m enjoying these days.


Doña of Aubergine

Ok, I admit I just like saying “aubergine”. And I like reading the warm, relaxed and writerly musings of Doña Bumgarner. Her “About Me” says a lot: “Doña Bumgarner is a freelance writer, artist, photographer and mama who lives on the central coast of California with her family. This blog is where she writes about her journey into new mamahood at the age of 38 and learning how to weave her old self with the new one. She has been a maker of stuff since her first watercolor class at age 8. She believes there is good energy in things made from scratch and that the smell of baby heads and freshly-made bread are possibly the best things in the world.”

A few posts I’ve recently enjoyed include how to spring clean your life (can be applied to any season, so don’t wait!), and her post on things she said she’d never do as a parent, which has a particular resonance in light of the Ann’s recent post about Elmo, and my new committment to being completely honest about parenthood in this blog. Doña is also a writer and artist, and her posts on writing are really inspiring and practical. I look forward to following for a long time to come.


Jennifer Derryberry Mann is a mom and yoga instructor who focuses her practice on helping expectant and new moms ease into the postures of motherhood. Her description of Mamahhh is inviting: “a meditation on self-care for the wondrous, winding journey through the labyrinth of motherhood. The blog has a simple yet profound purpose: It’s a daily reminder to {breathe, mama}. Through the amazing moments and the awkward ones, and in times both sublime and stressful, there’s nothing quite like a sweet deep breath to bring you into the marrow of the present moment.”

The marrow of my present moment: I am wearing a skirt and nursing bra because my beautiful boy spit up on me as I held him; he’s now cooing happily on the floor, locked in a contest between his left hand and his right over which will carry the teething ring to his mouth; the fan hums in the window and my fingers click away at my keyboard. It’s a good moment. *breathe*

I have particularly enjoyed Jennifer’s persuasive invitations to practice self-care as part of sane parenting. It’s a series of posts which are almost self-care in and of themselves, but I’m sure Jennifer would agree that the best self-cre (no matter how much you enjoy writing) takes place away from screens. Her web design is also beautiful, and she includes Karen Mazen Miller in her list of favorite blogs. *loves*

Speaking of moments: while I finished this post, my baby rolled from back to tummy for the first time. He learned tummy to back a few days ago. What a day!

How did you get here?

So, WordPress (my blog platform) has a feature that gives me stats on site visits and visitors. One of the pieces of information it give me is the search terms used for anyone who searched for something and landed on my blog as a result. Who would believe those search terms are totally worth a post of their own?! But I give you:

Things People Googled That Led to Me

“can a child nurse standing in a chair” – it pays to write a post on a flash-in-a-pan controversy.

“chubby hot guys” – Awesome! One day Del will appreciate this, or be mortified.

“sam caligione autograph” – that’s right people, I have it.

“600 lb gorilla cookies raw” – I am ashamed this one is true.

“enormous breastfeeding breasts katie jett” – Yep, my name was in the search terms. *waves cheerfully to my stalker and orders some mace off the internet*

“kill bill baby onesie” – whoever searched this, what a great idea. Did you find one?!

May Day. mayday?

Happy May Day! Today is day one of a project I am thrilled to take part in for the third time – the annual WordCount Blogathon. Two years ago, a few months in to my first blog, One A Week, I learned about the Blogathon from Amanda. I jumped in and loved it – the goal is to blog every day for one month, as a way to learn more about writing a blog, building content and discipline, and enhancing readership. Turns out, it’s also a huge committment, and I think I wrote some of my most consistent, interesting posts during that time. I felt incredibly proud of seeing it through and succeeding in posting every day. I am not writing at One A Week anymore ( though maybe one day I will) but I do have hopes for Woah Baby beyond chronicling my journey being Del’s mother, and I think the 2012 Blogathon will help me move in the direction of meeting them.

What are those goals? Foremost, Woah Baby, like anything I write, is a response to the urge within me to just write. I love doing it. It feels good. Secondly, Woah Baby is a way to interact and communicate with others – friends, family, and new friends who arrive here for reasons other than that they know me. I like people. I like their stories almost as much as I like my own. I like conversing, and a blog is an interesting way to engage in topical conversations on subjects that interest me. Third, Woah Baby can be a resource. I would like it to be a destination n the vast web of information and ideas that inspires, empowers, calms and collects women of a certain mindset. If something I say can help another mom make a decision, or feel good about a decision she has already made for herself, I will be happy. If Woah Baby can persuade another mom to try something new, I will be happy. If Woah Baby can enlist the support and feedback of awesome women who are not moms, I will be happy. And frankly, if Woah Baby could in any way produce some revenue, I would be happy.

So, goals: express, engage, empower. Three tidy words that sum up where I would like to go with this blog. And I have the best inspiration ever in Del. And the best support ever in Zach. All I need now is 31 interesting ideas and the minutes necessary to turn them into posts.

Welcome to the 2012 Blogathon.

Reflection: 5 Things

Today I’m sticking with the Reverb11 prompts because the alternative is to chronicle last night’s labor false alarm. I’m just not in the mood to write about it. I’m feeling kind of sorry for myself right now.


December 5: 5 Things

Describe five guilty pleasures.

1) Raw cookie dough. It’s true. I occasionally buy this delicious brand of chocolate chip cookie dough called “600  Lb. Gorilla” (how’s that for a fair warning?!) and keep it in the freezer. I pretty much never bake cookies with it. Yet somehow, it seems to disappear…

they never reach this point...

2) Blogging at work. It has been known to happen.

"What am I working on? Just a, uh, draft... of, a, that draft I've been working on..."

3) Filling an online shopping cart then closing the window. I will sometimes assemble grand orders of outfits and new shoes, only to close the window and not order. I’ve noticed  a few places will send you a reminder sometimes that your shopping cart is about to expire. I just think to myself, yes, love, it’s meant to.

Online shopping: all the fun without the committment

4)Knitting –  a lot. The part that makes me feel guilty is that I have unused yarn and partially done projects. I realize this is kind of part of the persona of any one who takes up a serious craft. Even my husband, a totally nerdy computer guy, has bits of computers and parts and cords and such, in addition to the many functioning computers in our house. I do still feel a little guilty every time I purchase yarn for a new project. To be fair, I have finished about 80% of what I’ve started. It’s not a cheap hobby though, if done well. And I’m doing it so well.

People actually post photos of their yarn stashes, like proud mamas.

5) Whole Foods salad bar lunches. This one is a complex guilty pleasure. Reasons it’s “guilty”: it’s a work-day lunch that takes 20+ minutes round trip walking to WF and back from my office, I usually spend at least 45 minutes eating there because I meet my friend Kristi there when I go so I’m gone longer than I ought to be, and at its cheapest, a WF salad bar lunch runs me $15 and I usually spend more. Reasons I do it anyway: 20+ minutes of walking in the middle of a work day is a healthy thing (and actually endorsed BY my work place!), lunch with Kristi is always refreshing/entertaining/supportive/encouraging, and a big salad/soup/fresh fruit/iced tea lunch from Whole Foods is at the top of the list of healthy things I will eat any given week. To all twinges of guilt over my weekly Whole Foods lunch, I simply reply: kale. Kale.

It's for the kale.

What’s that new badge on the right?

I’m kind of excited to say that Woah Baby! was accepted by Top Baby Blogs and will begin to appear in its listing of “the most popular baby, mommy and daddy blogs on the web” once I start getting some “votes” from those of you who like reading Woah Baby!.  I would be ever so grateful, if you happen to stop in to read, if you’d click the button on the right and cast a vote for Woah Baby!