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Like father…

We use our X-Box for the majority of our television/movie viewing, so we use an X-Box controller as our “remote”. Del is convinced this must be the greatest thing ever to play with, mainly because he is not allowed to play with it.

But a few days ago, Zach found an older controller, and Mr. D is a happy, happy camper.


Pins Pins Everywhere

Here’s what I’ve been pinning lately.

Haba brand toys from naturalbabyco.com are absolutely beautiful, clever and environmentally-conscious. My toy philosophy is simple: fewer and better quality trumps cheap quantity.

Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest


Handmade toys naturally fit the bill!

For when Del’s a little older. I love the idea of making his drawings into small stuffed pillows!

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Katie on Pinterest

When the time comes for Del to have his own room, cubbies like these will look great and hopefully help us stay tidy.

I also think this would be really cute in a little boy’s room!

Nice touch for the bathroom – it both provides a place for bath toys AND limits you to what will fit in this space. We all need boundaries.

What are you pinning lately?

Boy toys and baby fashion

In just the last couple of weeks Del has started enjoying toys, awkwardly maneuvering his little hands to reach for, grasp, and move whatever toy is in sight. Getting it to his mouth is mission-accomplished, and favored toys are those with good grip-ability and deliciousness.

The red and white ball was a gift from an admirer at the yarn shop where we hang out on Tuesdays. She left it in a bag with Del’s name on it! I am pretty sure it’s handmade. It scores high in the visual delight and grip-ability categories.


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Del’s Three-Month Photo Session

Yesterday, March 8 was Del’s 3-month birthday. I am amazed by how much he has changed from that skinny, squirming newborn, so amazingly fragile and tiny. Though still a little guy, he’s now chubby and chattering, curious and demanding and engaging.

Some stats about you, little man:

  • You can hold your head up well, and you look around almost constantly.
  • You weigh 13.7 lbs
  • You hate tummy time but will tolerate it for 10 minutes or so, as long as I stay nearby.
  • You love to look at books with black and white pictures, and we read the same two almost every day.
  • You like when your dad reads to you, and you like to sit with him and watch tv.
  • You are having a growth spurt right now, which means you’re eating like crazy, especially in the evenings.
  • You really love going for walks – stroller or sling. We use both and you’re always content.
  • You’re sleeping almost entirely through the night – you have been for almost a month now. You go to bed around midnight and wake around 6 for a meal, then sleep again till around 7:30 or 8 am. Sometimes you’ll even nap one more time after that. But then, nothing but cat naps during the rest of the day, unless I sleep with you or carry you in the sling.
  • You like the mobile over your bed. You smile and jabber at it.
  • You like to have music or radio on during the day.
  • You’ve just adopted your first toy – a striped burp rag that you grab and shake and put in your mouth. So far no other toys interest you much.
  • Though you don’t cry much, you’ve gotten pretty loud and put those lungs to good use when you need them.
  • You smile a lot, and are just beginning to laugh. It’s hard to get you to laugh, but you often laugh in your sleep right as you fall asleep. It’s insanely adorable.
  • You don’t really care for long photo shoots.

And here you are, Red Bean. Our little munchkin. This is what you look like at three months old:

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