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Feeding baby

I have a ton of pictures and an 8 month update to write – you know, right before my child turns 9 months old. But this is a quick one because I am 1) tired and busy and 2) inspired to write this at this moment.

image borrowed from thedeliciousrevolution.com

Thank you, Trader Joes, for helping me feed my baby.

I know that sounds silly – especially given the cultish devotion of much of my generation to TJ’s – but this morning I went shopping for just a few days worth of easy-to-make meals to tide us over till we leave for the beach. I also needed some staples and a few new additions to Del’s diet. Staples: bananas (perfect because he eats half and I eat half!) and a sweet potato to steam and puree. Steel-cut oats to make his oatmeal. New items: freeze-dried banana slices with no sweeteners or additives! Goat milk yogurt! Tofu!

Making Del’s food is both challenging and very satisfying. For far less than the cost of jarred babyfood, I prepare and feed him real food that isn’t laced with chemicals and additives. Because it’s real food, it’s part of the family diet too (bananas, oatmeal, and holy cow – pun intended – is that goat milk yogurt delish!!). It’s easy to cook a small pot of lentils because I keep lentils for our meals. When I make green beans, I can steam and puree a handful for Del and freeze them. I have to stay on top of what’s prepared and waiting for him, portioning it and providing him with suitable variety of tastes and food groups and nutrients. Lucky for us that while he’s still breastfeeding, portions and nutrients are incidental – which gives me time to get used to thinking about my baby’s menu before the day comes that he relies entirely on the foods I give him.

At any rate, in a busy week, the day after a rough night of teething, I was grateful for a pleasant shopping experience that afforded an array of quality real food options for my little guy.


Ewww…. carrots

No more carrots for now I think. Del hates them. As in, shudders, sticks out his tongue, and stops taking bites kind of hate.

Other foods have been great. He loves sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, was ok with avocado, and had a slightly improved tolerance for carrots when mixed with apples. But the carrots also make the grossest poop. As the lady rinsing out the diapers, I am making about the same face when the carrots come out as Del makes when the carrots go in. Ick. Now I gotta sun-bleach several orange stained inserts. I’m not making this up… this is honesty in parenting right here folks.

Note the furrowed brow.


My baby ate!

Tonight Del Giacomo Walls ate his first solid food! I made fresh steamed sweet potato and mama’s milk puree, and we set Del up in his Bumbo seat to have a taste. He LOVED it. I am so proud of my little guy. He ate happily, played with the spoon himself, and, because our child is hilarious, he licked his tray between bites! After his bath (sweet potatoes are sticky!) he snuggled up and nursed and fell asleep. Oh my little baby, soak in all those vitamins. This mama is one happy lady.

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