Del Walls has his first tooth!

It appeared a few days ago, making its presence known with a little stab during a naptime nursing. Yipes!

So, the day it showed up, I took pictures:

No thanks.

I said noooooo.

OK, man, ok. Be stingy with your tooth…

Today I tried again:

You wanna show them my tooth…?


Tough luck, peeps.


The natural follow up to peas for dinner

happiness is a tub full of warm water

Easy peasy


Where does time go?

My husband commented to me yesterday, “It’s been a whole month since you posted anything on Woah Baby.”
Yikes! So it has.

My monkey is 7 months old!

Today I was taking a peek a blog that is new to me, and noticed the writer-mama posted about a similar gap in her writing about time her munchkin was 6 or so months old. What happens? Well, my guess is it’s movement. Del isn’t crawling yet but he’s clearly working out the how-to in his little brain – practicing the movement from sitting up to hands-and-knees. He bounces in hands-and-knees, then flops to his tummy and roll-scoots around. He also lays on his back and inch-worms – my term for his contortionist backward scoot by way of arching his back and pushing away, head first and blind! His favorite targets are any kind of cord or cable, and any kind of paper. Sheesh.

Another little change is his attention span and his desire for company. In earlier months, he would play for quite a while with a single toy or on the play mat. Now he loses interest in any one thing much faster, unless he has company. So we play together, building cloth block houses or filling and emptying a little box with various toy items. We try out different teethers or take Sophie on adventures. We lie on our tummies and read board books (then one of us tastes board books… not saying who.) Some mornings he just wants company on the floor, so he plays while I knit or fold clothes or take pictures of him.

This is the coolest box, Mom.

He’s also eating more food now – so making food and giving him his little meals is also a new job. I usually feed him in the mornings as I clean the kitchen and make my own breakfast, or in the evening as I start cooking dinner. Carrots (yes, they’re now considered edible!), pears, apples, sometimes oatmeal mixed into fruit, sweet potato, avocado, and the favorite: bananas. My Beaba steamer/blender was a gift from my office friends, and though they chuckled to themselves about me making my own babyfood, I am actually using it and so far have bought no babyfood for Del except some neat little rice cakes for our travels. I love that he is learning to eat real food from the start.

Oh yeah – AND a trip to the beach and a circuitous family trip that included my brother’s wedding! My excuses for not writing much!

Del at Rehoboth Beach

Oh instagram

Pins Pins Everywhere

Here’s what I’ve been pinning lately.

Haba brand toys from are absolutely beautiful, clever and environmentally-conscious. My toy philosophy is simple: fewer and better quality trumps cheap quantity.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Handmade toys naturally fit the bill!

For when Del’s a little older. I love the idea of making his drawings into small stuffed pillows!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

When the time comes for Del to have his own room, cubbies like these will look great and hopefully help us stay tidy.

I also think this would be really cute in a little boy’s room!

Nice touch for the bathroom – it both provides a place for bath toys AND limits you to what will fit in this space. We all need boundaries.

What are you pinning lately?

Ewww…. carrots

No more carrots for now I think. Del hates them. As in, shudders, sticks out his tongue, and stops taking bites kind of hate.

Other foods have been great. He loves sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, was ok with avocado, and had a slightly improved tolerance for carrots when mixed with apples. But the carrots also make the grossest poop. As the lady rinsing out the diapers, I am making about the same face when the carrots come out as Del makes when the carrots go in. Ick. Now I gotta sun-bleach several orange stained inserts. I’m not making this up… this is honesty in parenting right here folks.

Note the furrowed brow.