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Farewell to Worms

Some of my readers who know me on Facebook too will remember just a couple of months ago when the charming Willie the Wiggleworm was born off the knitting needles and came to live with Del.

Willie the Wiggleworm

Willie was instantly loved, for his squishy softness, for the chewability of his lopsided antennae, and for his floppy arms. He was a tasty friend.

Del and Willie: love at first sight.

Last Friday, Willie joined Del and I for a trip into the city. It was a snuggly metro ride for the two friends… little did we know that this was Willie’s way of saying…


Somewhere between 17th and 22st Streets, on L or maybe K, Willie slipped free from the stroller and made a break for it. As soon as I noticed Willie was gone, I retraced our steps. For naught. Willie had broken out of the proverbial cocoon and flown free. I guess he didn’t like the suburbs either.

Farewell, Willie. We hope you’re being a good worm, keeping some homeless person or Occupier company. May your lopsided antennae guide you and your stuffing never go flat.

Love, Del and Mama


Boy toys and baby fashion

In just the last couple of weeks Del has started enjoying toys, awkwardly maneuvering his little hands to reach for, grasp, and move whatever toy is in sight. Getting it to his mouth is mission-accomplished, and favored toys are those with good grip-ability and deliciousness.

The red and white ball was a gift from an admirer at the yarn shop where we hang out on Tuesdays. She left it in a bag with Del’s name on it! I am pretty sure it’s handmade. It scores high in the visual delight and grip-ability categories.


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