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Del Walls has his first tooth!

It appeared a few days ago, making its presence known with a little stab during a naptime nursing. Yipes!

So, the day it showed up, I took pictures:

No thanks.

I said noooooo.

OK, man, ok. Be stingy with your tooth…

Today I tried again:

You wanna show them my tooth…?


Tough luck, peeps.


Del at 6 months

This might be my favorite stage yet, in spite of the new set of challenges of changing sleep patterns and teething that strike about now. Del is getting so playful, opinionated and “interactive”. His interests and personality are beginning to emerge and every day reveals some new little thing he learns or discovers. Also, I did a set of 6 month photos that I am very proud of.

A few new facts about you, Del:

  • You’re sitting up! It’s just the most adorable thing ever, and happened almost overnight. After just a week or so of helping you balance, you had the whole thing down. The coolest part is watching you fold all the way to the floor, then lift yourself back up.
  • You weigh 17 lbs 8 oz. – staying right in that 50th percentile range.
  • You are getting too chubby for your Bumbo chair, but it’s still in use. I think we’re going to need a full on high chair soon though!
  • You are Mr. Social, always interested in people you meet, and you hate to go to sleep when people are over. You like to be in on the action.
  • You are still nursing – which I think puts us in the minority of moms and babies who nurse past 6 months. I love nursing and you’ve gotten very good and comfortable with it. It’s very easy and natural, and I look forward to several more months of this.
  • You’re eating solids now and you seem to love this new adventure. So far you’ve had sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, pears and carrots. You loved everything but carrot – the carrots made you grimace and spit.
  • We have to much more deliberate with your sleeping these days to make sure you get enough sleep. You’re a light sleeper during the day – I blame the construction across the street, but it might just be your little Rabbit temperament. And we’re working on getting you to accept an earlier bedtime. It has not been easy.
  • You love swimming!  Thanks to Dad’s bathtime practices, you are so relaxed and happy in the water that you lay on your back and kick like mad. With Dad’s help, you are even  beginning to float on your own, to the amazement of your parents and the other parents at the pool.
  • You still love Somebunny for naps and bedtime. And now that you’re rolling around and sitting up, even more toys are fun to you. You especially like the mirror on your playmat, and a set of fabric blocks that Don & Linda brought to you.
  • You’re a little jabberer but no words yet. I am pretty sure you know some words though – when I say or sign milk, you nestle down to nurse. We are going to begin working on some more signs now.

My little Red Bean, here you are at 6 months:

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Six Months, a little slideshow

Hey girl.

I can hardly believe our baby is six months old already! The time has gone by so very quickly. There’s barely a moment to soak in one phase of babyhood before another  begins. Tonight we had family photos taken with Auntie Kristi, so I’ll post those as soon as I get them back. I plan to shoot some six month photos of Del of my own too. In the meantime, here are some favorites off my iPhone from the last few weeks as Del has approached the six month mark!



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Del meets his G.G.!

Our recent trip to Tulsa put us just a couple of hours away from my grandmother’s home in Oklahoma City. Though Grammy doesn’t like driving by herself, she braved the turnpike and drove up to Tulsa, where she spent the weekend with her long-time friends who live there, and we got to be together for two lovely afternoons. It was her first time to meet Del! He’s so lucky to have a great-grandmother on both sides of his family. I love these pictures of Del with his G.G.


My baby ate!

Tonight Del Giacomo Walls ate his first solid food! I made fresh steamed sweet potato and mama’s milk puree, and we set Del up in his Bumbo seat to have a taste. He LOVED it. I am so proud of my little guy. He ate happily, played with the spoon himself, and, because our child is hilarious, he licked his tray between bites! After his bath (sweet potatoes are sticky!) he snuggled up and nursed and fell asleep. Oh my little baby, soak in all those vitamins. This mama is one happy lady.

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Del at play

Tummy time is a whole new ball game now that he can roll over. That, and he discovered the mirror – I’d love to know what he’s thinking! (Probably “who is that chubby hot guy?”)

Note, one of his toys is hanging from his toes. Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Zach did good. Here’s how my Mother’s Day started:

Inside the card was an adorable surprise:

Then one of the artists awoke:

(Not pictured, Dad who had the more active roll in the sweet artwork. Not to mention the clean up tasks afterward.)

Also part of my present, tickets to a 9am showing of Dark Shadows with my fellas. We were there before the doors  even opened. I had’t been to a movie in, like, six months!

Afterward we had chips and guac, and margaritas (Del just had milk):

(Not pictured: long, lazy naps once we got home.)