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Yummy smoothie for two

Del’s breakfast this morning was so good I ate some of it myself.

1/2 c diced frozen mango

1 fresh banana

1/4 c whole goats milk yogurt

1 inch cube of tofu
Blend all ingredients in the blender till mangoes are thoroughly blended. Share breakfast with baby.


Pins Pins Everywhere

Here’s what I’ve been pinning lately.

Haba brand toys from are absolutely beautiful, clever and environmentally-conscious. My toy philosophy is simple: fewer and better quality trumps cheap quantity.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Handmade toys naturally fit the bill!

For when Del’s a little older. I love the idea of making his drawings into small stuffed pillows!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

When the time comes for Del to have his own room, cubbies like these will look great and hopefully help us stay tidy.

I also think this would be really cute in a little boy’s room!

Nice touch for the bathroom – it both provides a place for bath toys AND limits you to what will fit in this space. We all need boundaries.

What are you pinning lately?

Link: Parenting tips from Harry Potter

This post on Babble blogs by Kacy Faulconer is exactly what I needed today. That, and a butterbeer and a few hours with Goblet of Fire.

My favorite tips:

 Embrace their quirks. Celebrate, encourage, embrace, and love the quirkiest of their quirks. No one knows this better than the Lovegoods and even Seamus Finnigan’s penchant for fireworks comes in handy in the end.

Warn them about evil in case they encounter if face to face. You have to prepare them. You don’t do them any favors pretending you-know-who isn’t real.

Love your children’s friends. Hug them, cook for them, help them shop, give them Christmas presents and good advice. Obliterate any nasty death eaters who lay a hand on them–also knit them sweaters.

Encourage them to read and do their homework. Knowing things really does come in handy some times–Could even save the world!

Treat all living things with kindness and respect. “Dobby is happy to be with his friend. . . Harry Potter.” Giant tear.

Which tips would be your top 5?

Parents-to-be ask the big questions

Zach and I were invited by our childbirth educator, Susan Messina, to visit her current class as the “experienced new parents” and share a little bit of what life was/is like now that we have a baby. More on that later, but I was amused – and, frankly, delighted! – that we had more questions on our cloth diapers than on any other single topic. A few people noticed the cloths when I changed Del before the class began. Others noticed during our talk as we held and passed Del back and forth between us. Questions boiled down to “which ones are you using/how do you like them/are they a chore?”

Since I’ve written a few posts already about them, here’s a little round up of what I’ve had to say, in case any other parents-to-be are considering it!

Prepping new diapers

Traveling with cloth diapers and more on traveling with cloth

I made a someecard (feel free to share it!)

Cloth diapers and being green

Cloth diapers and saving moolah

Diaper washing routine

Guest post on elimination communication and cloth diapering

High chair heaven

OK, I am not one to gush over high end baby gear but the Peg Perego Siesta high chair reviewed today on In The Know Mom looks awesome. Even better: they’re giving one away to a reader. Take a look, and enter if you want. I recommend following In The Know Mom – they’re one of the best baby product review sites I’ve ever come across, and they usually give a lucky reader almost everything they review. In addition, they have great diy projects and recipes. I’m a fan!

Unsolicited Gear Gush: DadGear Backpack diaperbag

Contributing writer Letty Muse Tomlinson stumbled into diaper bag heaven. Here’s her review!

I should probably be writing about something of great importance like children’s nutrition, or searching for a preschool for my two-year-old or finding the right questions to ask my pediatrician at regular check-ups. But no. Today, I just want to gush about our latest gear purchase:  a DadGear backpack diaper bag.

DadGear backpack diaper bag


Once I was well into my second trimester, it occurred to me that I would probably need to upgrade from our diaper bag. It was a neoprene diaper bag from BuiltNY, and I don’t think they make it any more. It was excellent for us with just one kid, but I suspected two children’s items would crowd the bag relatively quickly. It fought valiantly to accommodate the needs of a toddler and a quickly-growing infant, but alas, my suspicion was correct and by March we were on the hunt for a diaper bag to satisfy two kids.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted a backpack. Shoulder bags are fine with one kid, but it’s hard to carry a baby on a hip, a bag over a shoulder and manage a free hand to offer a two-year-old to grasp. Plus, with chronic lower back pain and low-grade scoliosis, evenly distributed weight appealed to me. I also wanted a backpack that had a sufficient number of compartments and preferably didn’t look like a diaper bag, but also didn’t look like a hardcore accessory off the racks of REI. Continue reading

Mobile love

Del’s newest delight is his new mobile!

He is a pretty content guy by nature, and would usually lay calmly in his crib if left there while awake. But I started to feel bad that he would just lay there staring at the ceiling or at the contrast of his daddy’s blue bathrobe hanging on the white closet door. I don’t want him to be bored. So I looked up mobiles on the internet and found one that looked great – the Infant Stim-Mobile – with interchangeable cards covered in high-contrast pictures and designs. You can use the black and white pictures for young babies – which they love. And later you can change to the more complex color images. Plus, since you can change the picture cards out, baby can see different designs. I ordered it from Amazon, hoping he would like it.

Does he ever! He watches the pictures over his bed now with alert interest, cooing and jabbering at them, all smiles. He likes when we tap them to make them sway. I love thinking that his little brain is at work when he is laying in his little bed. I can’t recommend this mobile enough! It makes me happy to know I provided him with something that helps his mind develop, and brings him happiness. This being a parent stuff is pretty rewarding. Here are a few pictures of Del enjoying his mobile.