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Your dad’s eyes are hazel. My eyes are brown.

Your dad would have to have two recessive genes to have hazel eyes instead of brown, which makes sense because his mom and dad both have not-brown eyes.

I have at least one dominant gene to have brown eyes, which I get from my dad, because his eyes are brown. My mom’s eyes are hazel and one brother got hazel eyes too, so Dad must have one recessive gene too. Hence I have one dominant and one recessive.

If your dad’s got two recessive eye color genes and I’ve got only one dominant gene, you, bunny, should come out with not-brown eyes. I’m betting on brown hair though.


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Ring out the old

It’s almost the end of 2010 and sometimes I get terrified of all that 2011 holds for us.

College courses, the prospect of getting a house – or of not being able to get one, and the prospect of bringing a baby into the world, in the midst of all our other projects.  How do I work, study, and stay healthy and sane while making a baby in my belly? Will I be nauseous all the time? Will I eat crazy things? Will I be too tired to get my math homework done? Will pregnant-brain erase my hard earned new math skills? How can I get my house cleaned up enough to lose a small child in it? Will I look so fat I hate to see myself? Will I look like a pile of playdough afterwards? Can we afford the things a baby needs, now and in the future? How will we tolerate giving up the freedom and mobilty we enjoy now? Is this a good idea?