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Hey Dad


If you wanna sing out, sing out!

One thing I learned working at Capital City Public Charter School is that Cat Stevens is great music for kids. I take it that means prenatally too. 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about the “playlist” I want on hand for our birth. My birth assistant, Claudia, mentioned it when I interviewed her, and she emphasized the wisdom of having a few different lists of varying energy in case you need to change things up. Calming; danceable; singable; energizing; mellow. A few days later I heard this great story on NPR about one woman’s desire to defy the stereotypical Enya birth playlist and heard on her list one of my favorite songs by Somali hip-hop artist K’naan, “Wavin’ Flag”. Her list is a great one.

So, friends, recommendations! What should go on my lists, and in what “category” does your recommendation belong? Help me make Red Bean’s Welcome to the World playlist.