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Midwives: the Louboutin of birth experiences?

Washington City Paper published a story yesterday that left me feeling… uncomfortable. Left me thinking, thank God I didn’t go that route. Left me scowling the same way I scowl after too much time in Georgetown, watching ninety-pound co-eds tripping over 200 year old sidewalks in $300 stilettos. The article was about, of all things, midwives.

It’s a long article, and maybe it’s just the author’s snarky tone, equating a growing trend toward midwifery care and natural childbirth with wealth and style. If what this writer says is true, George Washington Hospital is raking in the big bucks with it’s highly exclusive midwifery practice run by saleswoman-slash-midwife Whitney Pinger. I want to believe this article is just dripping with the writer’s own biases. I really want to, because if that’s not the case, then GW Hospital’s midwifery program is a kind of ugly stepsister to the midwifery I believe in, and am employing for my home birth. Continue reading