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A photo essay on month 8

My child, you are almost nine months old. In the last three months you’ve gone from a wobbly sit to a confident crawl; from still to constant motion. You’ve gone from only ever mama’s milk to fruits, veggies, yogurt, and Cheerios. You’re growing! Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month.


Preparations for winter: knitting sweaters. Del models.

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The natural follow up to peas for dinner

happiness is a tub full of warm water

Where does time go?

My husband commented to me yesterday, “It’s been a whole month since you posted anything on Woah Baby.”
Yikes! So it has.

My monkey is 7 months old!

Today I was taking a peek a blog that is new to me, and noticed the writer-mama posted about a similar gap in her writing about time her munchkin was 6 or so months old. What happens? Well, my guess is it’s movement. Del isn’t crawling yet but he’s clearly working out the how-to in his little brain – practicing the movement from sitting up to hands-and-knees. He bounces in hands-and-knees, then flops to his tummy and roll-scoots around. He also lays on his back and inch-worms – my term for his contortionist backward scoot by way of arching his back and pushing away, head first and blind! His favorite targets are any kind of cord or cable, and any kind of paper. Sheesh.

Another little change is his attention span and his desire for company. In earlier months, he would play for quite a while with a single toy or on the play mat. Now he loses interest in any one thing much faster, unless he has company. So we play together, building cloth block houses or filling and emptying a little box with various toy items. We try out different teethers or take Sophie on adventures. We lie on our tummies and read board books (then one of us tastes board books… not saying who.) Some mornings he just wants company on the floor, so he plays while I knit or fold clothes or take pictures of him.

This is the coolest box, Mom.

He’s also eating more food now – so making food and giving him his little meals is also a new job. I usually feed him in the mornings as I clean the kitchen and make my own breakfast, or in the evening as I start cooking dinner. Carrots (yes, they’re now considered edible!), pears, apples, sometimes oatmeal mixed into fruit, sweet potato, avocado, and the favorite: bananas. My Beaba steamer/blender was a gift from my office friends, and though they chuckled to themselves about me making my own babyfood, I am actually using it and so far have bought no babyfood for Del except some neat little rice cakes for our travels. I love that he is learning to eat real food from the start.

Oh yeah – AND a trip to the beach and a circuitous family trip that included my brother’s wedding! My excuses for not writing much!

Del at Rehoboth Beach

Saturday morning play time

My smart, gorgeous, happy son. We played together for an hour this morning, just trying out one toy after another and talking about them: what color they were, what sound they made, what they were called. I love this.

Sleeping, for us, for now

I think “for us, for now” are really good words to learn as a parent.

This week was a tempest in the sleep department, in a teacup of my own making. After two nights of trying out a major change to Del’s sleep habits, I realized that the only change I really wanted was an earlier bedtime for my little man. I wanted that partly for him, because when he’s not well-rested, he’s more irritable and less playful (like both of his parents!) and when he is well-rested, he’s a giggling little charmer, And I wanted it partly for us, because, well, we like to cook and eat dinner. That’s a neat thing to be able to do. We also like to watch TV together while we eat, and I like to keep Del’s TV exposure minimal. We might also like to have sex sometimes, and it certainly helps if you’re not worn out with three hours of cranky-baby management at the end of the day… but that’s another post…or maybe not.

Anyhow, after giving some ideas from books a few tries, and feeling horrible and seeing no good effects whatsoever (except that my child slept really heavily after three hours of crying… don’t we all?!)  and after taking with several terrific moms about their sleep decisions, I dropped the whole project.

My goal is for a well-rested baby to go to sleep most of the time around 7:30 -8. For us, for now, that means some good activity in the late afternoon to use up some of our little man’s boundless energy. Then it means a nice calming bath, and nursing to sleep in bed. It means if he’s sleeping he can stay in our bed while we eat in the next room. It means we’ve “won” if he’s asleep for a couple of hours that first time after “bed time” and then he gets to nurse again because he’ll fall back asleep. And it means when we come to bed, we move our slumbering baby to his crib till he wakes to eat again.

For us, for now, this meets the goal, and neither Del or I have to cry about it.

Lullabye…. and goodnight… not.

So I admit it. I’ve read about 50 pages of anything on sleep training ever. I’m just not. that. interested.

The goal.

I also feel really strongly that anything that goes hard against maternal instinct in caring for your baby is probably not a good thing. Those instincts are there for a purpose. Where they’re overly powerful, I find that good sense and reasonable arguments as to the benefit of a thing go a long way toward balancing the “cuddle and protect at all costs” instinct so that things like shots, babysitters, and bed times can happen.

I have happily ignored anything about sleep training up till this week, mostly because I have been very happy with Del’s sleep, and because I saw how stressed and worried moms who were doing it felt about it. How could that be good for anyone? Continue reading

Del at 6 months

This might be my favorite stage yet, in spite of the new set of challenges of changing sleep patterns and teething that strike about now. Del is getting so playful, opinionated and “interactive”. His interests and personality are beginning to emerge and every day reveals some new little thing he learns or discovers. Also, I did a set of 6 month photos that I am very proud of.

A few new facts about you, Del:

  • You’re sitting up! It’s just the most adorable thing ever, and happened almost overnight. After just a week or so of helping you balance, you had the whole thing down. The coolest part is watching you fold all the way to the floor, then lift yourself back up.
  • You weigh 17 lbs 8 oz. – staying right in that 50th percentile range.
  • You are getting too chubby for your Bumbo chair, but it’s still in use. I think we’re going to need a full on high chair soon though!
  • You are Mr. Social, always interested in people you meet, and you hate to go to sleep when people are over. You like to be in on the action.
  • You are still nursing – which I think puts us in the minority of moms and babies who nurse past 6 months. I love nursing and you’ve gotten very good and comfortable with it. It’s very easy and natural, and I look forward to several more months of this.
  • You’re eating solids now and you seem to love this new adventure. So far you’ve had sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, pears and carrots. You loved everything but carrot – the carrots made you grimace and spit.
  • We have to much more deliberate with your sleeping these days to make sure you get enough sleep. You’re a light sleeper during the day – I blame the construction across the street, but it might just be your little Rabbit temperament. And we’re working on getting you to accept an earlier bedtime. It has not been easy.
  • You love swimming!  Thanks to Dad’s bathtime practices, you are so relaxed and happy in the water that you lay on your back and kick like mad. With Dad’s help, you are even  beginning to float on your own, to the amazement of your parents and the other parents at the pool.
  • You still love Somebunny for naps and bedtime. And now that you’re rolling around and sitting up, even more toys are fun to you. You especially like the mirror on your playmat, and a set of fabric blocks that Don & Linda brought to you.
  • You’re a little jabberer but no words yet. I am pretty sure you know some words though – when I say or sign milk, you nestle down to nurse. We are going to begin working on some more signs now.

My little Red Bean, here you are at 6 months:

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