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Notes from Red Bean


The Second Time Around

Contributing writer Letty Tomlinson reflects on Baby Number Two.


Did you know no two babies are the same? Even when they come from the same parents? Because I don’t think I did. Our second baby turns out to be markedly different from our first.
The day before Katie’s delicious Del was born, I delivered our second daughter. Since I’m protective about my kids’ identities on the “open web”, I’ll henceforth call her Luna. Everything about her birth was different from that of our first daughter, whom I’ll call Cliodne. (Careful readers will recognize these as names of Harry Potter characters. You’re welcome, geeks!) Continue reading

Like father, like son

My guys, asleep, around 5:30 am...

Mobile love

Del’s newest delight is his new mobile!

He is a pretty content guy by nature, and would usually lay calmly in his crib if left there while awake. But I started to feel bad that he would just lay there staring at the ceiling or at the contrast of his daddy’s blue bathrobe hanging on the white closet door. I don’t want him to be bored. So I looked up mobiles on the internet and found one that looked great – the Infant Stim-Mobile – with interchangeable cards covered in high-contrast pictures and designs. You can use the black and white pictures for young babies – which they love. And later you can change to the more complex color images. Plus, since you can change the picture cards out, baby can see different designs. I ordered it from Amazon, hoping he would like it.

Does he ever! He watches the pictures over his bed now with alert interest, cooing and jabbering at them, all smiles. He likes when we tap them to make them sway. I love thinking that his little brain is at work when he is laying in his little bed. I can’t recommend this mobile enough! It makes me happy to know I provided him with something that helps his mind develop, and brings him happiness. This being a parent stuff is pretty rewarding. Here are a few pictures of Del enjoying his mobile.


Everything is here

New jeans!

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On getting dressed

On getting dressed.

Awesome. From blogger Anna. 🙂


Last weekend Del and I went to the reunion brunch of our childbirth class, and got to see everyone all not-pregnant and with their new babies. It was great to welcome all the little people and hear how we’re all doing. I just wanted to post a few pictures from the event! Everyone’s babies were born between the end of October and early December. Del is the youngest in the bunch. Thanks to Bridgette Behling and to Andrew and Rachel Zuraw for sharing their photos as well.

Photos by me


photos by Andrew and Rachel Zuraw, bottom photo is Del 🙂


photos by Andrew and Rachel Zuraw


Photos by Bridgette Behling


Unfortunately, we had to leave before the "group baby" shot, so Del is not included, but these are his buddies!