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“meh” for Mother’s Day

Contributing writer Letty Tomlinson on ambivalence and a well-deserved nap.

from Hallmark with love

“Happy Mother’s Day,” a friend greeted me with at church on the 13th.  “Oh, right. Yeah. Thanks,” I replied. Then I added, “I almost forgot. … I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day.” (Full disclosure:  I have mixed feelings about many holidays.) The day to honor mom this year has already passed, but it’s still May and as this is a mother-oriented blog, I assume it might still be on some readers’ minds.

Why the mixed feelings? Or, more aptly, wariness? I can’t help but view Mother’s Day through the lenses of personal experience: life as a child of a mother, my time trying to become a biological motherhood, and life as a mother.

As a little girl, Mother’s Day was pretty easy. I didn’t have to remember the date. Inevitably, in school we’d make some sort of craft involving flowers to take home to Mom. Dad would take us shopping for cards and on Sunday, Mom would get a corsage to wear. As I got older and the burden of Mother’s Day fell on my shoulders, it began to feel a little bit like Mommy-Valentine’s day. Continue reading


Some Thanksgiving highlights

This was a year for a low-key Thanksgiving. My belly is so big and heavy. Staying home, just the two of us, felt right and good. Here’s a picture of me, feeling big enough to explode:

I woke up well rested and made apple fritters for breakfast – first try of a recipe I found via Pinterest. They were very delicious but not as photogenic as those on the linked page – so look at the linked page and I’ll skip the photo of mine. Mine were too dark on the outside – I think I needed to be deep frying them instead of shallow frying, which let them touch the bottom of the pan. Either way, I would definitely make them again! Continue reading