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Best. Snack. Ever.

I’ve been meaning to post this recipe forever.

Peanut butter energy balls. When I was getting things ready for Del’s birth day, one thing I really wanted was a snack I remembered from childhood that my mom used to make – these peanut butter ball thingees with wheat germ on the outside. That was all I could remember of the recipe, so I set out hunting the Inter-tubes for a recipe. (Mom later said she could have found the recipe for me… I never even thought of that, so reliant I am on the ol’ web.) I easily found a dozen different recipes and managed to glean from them what ingredients must have made up my mom’s recipe.

Basically: peanut butter, dried fruit, granola, powdered milk, honey and wheat germ. I gave all the info I had to my friend Kristi who had offered to make them for me. She made them and brought them when I went into labor. While they were a winning snack for labor, they didn’t rise to heroic status until a little later: after 32 hours of labor at home and stalled progress, we transferred to the hospital where you’re allowed nothing but ice chips for what is the hardest physical labor of your life. Sadists. So when Del was born four hours later I was FAMISHED! After we’d been moved to our room, I discovered that resourceful Kristi had brought the peanut butter balls along when we’d come to the hospital. Oh happy day! She gave me a pile of them wrapped in foil. While Zach was with Del in the nursery, I ate about 6 of the peanut butter balls in less than two hours!

Once we were home, settling in, I could grab a peanut butter ball while nursing for a one-handed, high energy snack. Or a quick bite at night if I was hungry. Bliss. So here you go: Lifesaving Peanut Butter Energy Balls, ala Mom, via Internet, as made by Kristi and adapted by Katie:

all mixed up

1 cup or entire small jar of all-natural, crunchy peanut butter (all natural to minimize extra sugar and sodium)

1/4 c. honey or agave nectar (more or less, to taste)

1 c powdered milk (if baby is dairy-sensitive, use wheat germ instead)

1 c or so of your favorite granola (I use one that has puffed rice, love the texture of the puffed rice in there)

1 c or so of your favorite dried fruit (mom used raisins, I use dried cranberries and currants)

Mix this all together (and add choco chips or whatever else you want in there) and put in the fridge for a bit. When cool and stiff, roll it into balls of whatever size makes you happy. Bite sized, hand sized, head sized, suit yourself. If you didn’t use the wheat germ in the mix, roll your finished balls in it for a little extra fiber, vitamins and crunch.

rolled to perfection

A few tips:

  • If you roll them in different sizes, you can grab according to need: tasty morsel, filling snack or “I didn’t get any breakfast and lunch isn’t looking good either”.
  • Using powdered milk cuts down on the softness/meltiness because it absorbs some of the moisture and oils. If  you didn’t use, you’ll want the wheat germ coating even though it’s already in the mix, to keep your fingers from getting peanut butter oily when you eat one.
  • “Energy” is a code word for calorie packed. These are healthy but not low-calorie. So if you’re not pregnant, nursing, or running marathons, eat responsibly. If you are pregnant, nursing or running marathons, go nuts.
  • Keep them in the fridge. Technically nothing in them is perishable so you don’t have to refrigerate, but they’re so freaking good you’re going to want a minor barrier between you and them or they’ll get eaten all at once.
  •  Tip o’ the Hat to this blogger, whose recipe most closely resembled my mom’s.


I want you to know the size of the box in no way diminished my enjoyment of this granola.



Out of eggs again…

The Care and Feeding of a Pregnant Wife

Zach is the best when it comes to care and feeding of a pregnant wife.

One weekend evening he made me the most delicious tacos, and only complained a little when he learned the next day that I had taken ALL the leftovers to my office to eat taco salads for three days in a row.

He didn’t complain too much when I ate all his frozen Amy’s Burritos that one week.

He never complains that I don’t make him any breakfast on weekdays, even though I make myself two eggs, toast, and fruit almost every morning.  He also never complains about the house smelling like a fried egg nearly every morning.

Yesterday when I was pouting about all the margaritas I was missing this summer, and all the White Russians I want but can’t have, he reminded me that chocolate milk is not exactly the same as a White Russian, but equally awesome. Then he took me to get chocolate syrup.

Last night he cooked me a giant pot of jambalaya on request though I had to promise not to take all the leftovers to work this time. I did bring a dish to work today, and it’s so freakin’ delicious.

He has taken me to eat Mexican food more times than I can count.

This post reminds me, I’m very grateful I don’t get heartburn (so far).

Week Eleven, strawberries and shopping

Things I’ve bought (pregnancy related) in the last couple of weeks in bold.

Cajun babies need hot peppers

Onsies, mostly via, which is one of my new favorite web sites. I’m acquiring a little stash of basic baby items. Today I bought the outfit in the picture! Appropo, mais cher: Red Bean’s got Tabascos! And for the mama, the time has come to purchase a couple of pairs of stylish yet stretchy pants. Pseudo yoga pants to the rescue. While I have not yet gained any weight, my pants are starting to feel tight – a weird experience. Red Bean is the size of a strawberry this week, which is kind of sweet since I’ve been eating strawberries all week. Actual quote from The Pregnancy Count-Down Book: “Your baby is working it’s way up the pregnancy fruit bowl.” Life-saving food items of the week: low-fat cottage cheese! Not sure why but it’s one of the things that ALWAYS tastes good right now, so creamy and salty. Cheers to the protein and calcium. Speaking of protein, the Red Bean seems to crave meat. And if not outright meaty meat, eggs will do – scrambled eggs almost every morning now. My prenatal vitamins, hefty, midwife-approved over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, were on sale at Whole Foods last week so I bought two months worth, then called to request a letter from said approving midwife so my Flexible Spending Account will reimburse me.  Last but not least, I purchased a video game and anniversary card for my husband, and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary winelessly at our favorite Italian restaurant. After which, I took a two-hour nap until it was time for bed. Fortunately for us lovebirds, we’d gotten it on before dinner. The best things in life are free*.

*The best things in life are in italics.


I can’t believe I forgot to thank Kristi and Gary for taking me to Johnny Rockets for the giantest cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten. I wanted that sucker so bad, and eating it was beyond heavenly. Carrying it around in my stomach for the next six hours was less appealing but every chewy, greasy, cheesy bite was worth it. The preface to the cheeseburger eating can be found in this post on the cheeseburger craving. Keeping two blogs is sometimes unmanagable.