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Parents-to-be ask the big questions

Zach and I were invited by our childbirth educator, Susan Messina, to visit her current class as the “experienced new parents” and share a little bit of what life was/is like now that we have a baby. More on that later, but I was amused – and, frankly, delighted! – that we had more questions on our cloth diapers than on any other single topic. A few people noticed the cloths when I changed Del before the class began. Others noticed during our talk as we held and passed Del back and forth between us. Questions boiled down to “which ones are you using/how do you like them/are they a chore?”

Since I’ve written a few posts already about them, here’s a little round up of what I’ve had to say, in case any other parents-to-be are considering it!

Prepping new diapers

Traveling with cloth diapers and more on traveling with cloth

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Diaper washing routine

Guest post on elimination communication and cloth diapering


It all comes out in the wash

For several weeks I tried to deny the reality: Del’s cloth diapers – by all evidence, clean and fresh after a wash – the minute he wet or soiled one smelled like a neglected hamster cage.

The master bathroom, where the diaper sprayer and laundry wet bag are, was beginning to smell like you imagine an episode of Hoarders might, if science had ever delivered on Smell-o-Vision.  That is, like angry cats.

I had the dreaded ammonia buildup. Continue reading

It’s not all or nothing: Our adventures in Elimination Communication, Natural Infant Hygeine, or plain old pooping in the toilet.

Anna writes Murphybaby, one of my frequently visited blogs. As part of the Blogathon we are both doing, we were encouraged to do a Guest Post Swap, and I was really glad Anna agreed to swap with me. She lives on the West Coast, in Canada, on an island! She also has curly hair and is not afraid to write about poop.

It started ages ago, really. I read an article about elimination communication and thought ‘who has time for that? it sounds terrible’.

But the seed was planted, then. I began to take notice of blog posts and articles about going diaper-free, and to think about the logic. I found myself talking about the concept at mommy group. But still, it wasn’t for me, no way. I’m busy, I don’t have time for this stuff. I’m already using cloth diapers, I’m on the hippie parenting train about as much as I can be.

But a couple of weeks ago, I met a mom at mommy group whose daughter was wearing no diaper. She wore cute, tiny little panties and doesn’t even wear a diaper to bed. At six months old. My mind was blown, and the competitive part of myself was activated. If she can do it, I can, too. Continue reading


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On things you don’t need to throw away

My friend Ann commented to me once, “Isn’t it weird that right next to my daughter’s crib is a big bin full of her feces?”

Yep, that’s weird. 😉

(Ann, forgive me for using your anecdote!)

So, I discovered (a tad late to the ball, Cinderella) that this week is Real Diaper Week – leading up to the big “Great Diaper Change” event which happens to occur on Earth Day. (Yep, I’m playing.) And so, bloggers who are also cloth diaperers are encouraged to post about diapers. ME! ME! I will do it!

Being a few days behind on this, I’m skipping the suggested daily topics and just kind of rhapsodizing here for a minute or two.

I am really, really glad we chose cloth diapers. I don’t throw away diapers. I don’t have a garbage can of diapers in my house, I have a laundry bag. Every two or three days I wash them and have a fresh new stack of diapers on the shelf. It’s kind of fun. They’re cute. And I have not paid for a single diaper in months. I have not run out or come close to running out. Diapers are not an expense in our house.

Once I got the hang of cloth diapers, I realized, I don’t want to buy wipes either. (Wipes for the diaper bag I consent to). I cut up two flannel receiving blankets into large squares. I wet two when I take Del for a change. (Thanks, Anna, you first suggested this to me and you’re right!) It’s easy. I toss them in the laundry bag with the diapers. Scratch wipes off my shopping list.

TMI alert: stop reading now if you aren’t wearing your big girl panties. I use cloth menstrual pads now too.  Yep, some cloth diaper companies make really nice washable ladypart pads and ya know, when you get used to not buying absorbent plastic throwaway items, it seems pretty normal to just scratch maxi pads off the list too. I keep these separate from the diapers and, easy-peasy, wash those suckers up too.

That’s a lot of things I don’t throw away anymore. That’s cool.

There are a lot of modern marvels I am happy to have. A dishwasher, a clothes dryer, pantyhose I don’t have to clip to a garter belt (my husband would like that though), and pizza delivery. But some of the old things were smarter. In just a couple of generations, we’ve created literal mountains of garbage. Hell-pits of waste that will last longer than our hermetically sealed coffins. And we get to pay through the nose for the “convenience” of using these immortal disposables. Sure there’s much more I could be doing to be green, or to be more economical. But these things are pretty easy for me and frankly, I feel really good about doing it.

Plus, this:


Traveling with Cloth

A quick post about traveling with cloth diapers: it works.

GroVia disposable inserts and adorable baby.

I can’t say enough about how much we love the GroVia diapers. Since they are “hybrid”, you have the option of using a disposable insert instead of cloth inserts. The inserts are biodegradable and flush-able. They basically look like giant maxi pads but with a little elastic in the inner thigh area to hold in the poo. We took a bag of 20 inserts, along with 5 diaper covers. Everything worked just like cloth except that we could toss the soiled inserts. A couple of diaper covers got messy – these just got rolled up and stored in a wet bag till we got home. Super easy.


Ten days in to cloth diapering and I am sold. This is definitely a good choice for us.

Last Saturday Del and I were home alone for the day, and, in addition to declaring it “Stay in Bed Saturday” (armed with iPad, phone, Kindle, diapers and wipes handy, and baby, we camped in bed nearly all day!) I also set that day aside for Cloth Diapering Kickoff.

I had the diapers washed, so they were ready to be assembled Saturday morning.

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