Woah Baby! is the creation of Katie Jett Walls.

Woah Baby! started as a private blog where I could stash all the hopes and feelings of starting a family before anyone else knew what we were up to. Once the Redbean was officially on its way, Woah Baby! became a place to share updates with family and friends, post resources that might help other moms-to-be, and even a place to invite other moms to write and share their knowledge and experiences. Yes, there a thousand blogs like it, but this one is mine – and since Me is such a very cool person, I happen to think it’s a very cool blog.

I live and work in Washington, DC, where I do some non-profit fundraising and some professional photography and some writing. My husband Zach is a Systems Administrator, which means he knows more stuff about computers than most people. We have a very small apartment overlooking a very big park, and most days, we’re pretty content with our life. We’re also pretty exciting about the wee bean cooking, and eagerly anticipate it’s Yuletide arrival!


Contributing Writers:

Letty Muse Tomlinson has spent much of her adult life in front of glowing screens in various capacities.  Most recently, she worked in video production, writing, producing and associate producing videos and print media for clients ranging from clerical social justice organizations to members of the military-industrial complex.  Additionally, she’s been making stuff up on stage for years with the group iMusical: the Improvised Musical.  Before that, she improvised with Comedy Sportz DC and the now defunct, but dearly loved, Comedy Gears.  Currently, she chases her toddler by day, performs improv by night, and takes the odd (and not-so-odd) writing and voice over jobs, in the interim.  She’ll be newly mothered again by Christmas and is not relieved to discover she’s just as unprepared for baby #2 as she was for baby #1.  Let the wild rumpus … continue!


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