A photo essay on month 8

My child, you are almost nine months old. In the last three months you’ve gone from a wobbly sit to a confident crawl; from still to constant motion. You’ve gone from only ever mama’s milk to fruits, veggies, yogurt, and Cheerios. You’re growing! Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month.


Preparations for winter: knitting sweaters. Del models.

Like his parents, Del Giacomo is a book lover.


And a word lover … or at least a magnetic letter lover. But I am pretty sure he will be a Scrabble genius eventually.


This is what Zach  and I wake up to most mornings.


We took the train to New York, where we visited The Museum of Modern Art with your adopted uncles Mat and Kim. They also took us to Harlem, where we ate pastries and you consulted Kim on all things fashionable. We stayed with Jordan and Amanda, and Amanda took this picture of us, which I love.


I love his sweet face!


Crawling!! Lord help me.


And like all good children’s books, inexplicably, this post ends with a sleepy baby.


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