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Yummy smoothie for two

Del’s breakfast this morning was so good I ate some of it myself.

1/2 c diced frozen mango

1 fresh banana

1/4 c whole goats milk yogurt

1 inch cube of tofu
Blend all ingredients in the blender till mangoes are thoroughly blended. Share breakfast with baby.


Like father…

We use our X-Box for the majority of our television/movie viewing, so we use an X-Box controller as our “remote”. Del is convinced this must be the greatest thing ever to play with, mainly because he is not allowed to play with it.

But a few days ago, Zach found an older controller, and Mr. D is a happy, happy camper.

Tea and sympathy

My son is flinging Melissa & Doug wooden magnet letters off the refridgerator door and onto the floor, in one efficient stroke per letter, an emotional and wordless protest of the cough that just took over and didn’t let up until he cried.

I am not going to stop him. I felt the same way this morning when the same cough, or at least the cough from the same bug he’s got, hit me at 7 am, so instead of staying snugly asleep with baby and husband, I was up making lemon tea with honey, and used the very last, squeezing-pleading, drops of honey… farewell elixer of relief. One more reason I have to go out and run errands instead of napping this morning.

A photo essay on month 8

My child, you are almost nine months old. In the last three months you’ve gone from a wobbly sit to a confident crawl; from still to constant motion. You’ve gone from only ever mama’s milk to fruits, veggies, yogurt, and Cheerios. You’re growing! Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month.


Preparations for winter: knitting sweaters. Del models.

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Feeding baby

I have a ton of pictures and an 8 month update to write – you know, right before my child turns 9 months old. But this is a quick one because I am 1) tired and busy and 2) inspired to write this at this moment.

image borrowed from

Thank you, Trader Joes, for helping me feed my baby.

I know that sounds silly – especially given the cultish devotion of much of my generation to TJ’s – but this morning I went shopping for just a few days worth of easy-to-make meals to tide us over till we leave for the beach. I also needed some staples and a few new additions to Del’s diet. Staples: bananas (perfect because he eats half and I eat half!) and a sweet potato to steam and puree. Steel-cut oats to make his oatmeal. New items: freeze-dried banana slices with no sweeteners or additives! Goat milk yogurt! Tofu!

Making Del’s food is both challenging and very satisfying. For far less than the cost of jarred babyfood, I prepare and feed him real food that isn’t laced with chemicals and additives. Because it’s real food, it’s part of the family diet too (bananas, oatmeal, and holy cow – pun intended – is that goat milk yogurt delish!!). It’s easy to cook a small pot of lentils because I keep lentils for our meals. When I make green beans, I can steam and puree a handful for Del and freeze them. I have to stay on top of what’s prepared and waiting for him, portioning it and providing him with suitable variety of tastes and food groups and nutrients. Lucky for us that while he’s still breastfeeding, portions and nutrients are incidental – which gives me time to get used to thinking about my baby’s menu before the day comes that he relies entirely on the foods I give him.

At any rate, in a busy week, the day after a rough night of teething, I was grateful for a pleasant shopping experience that afforded an array of quality real food options for my little guy.