Parents-to-be ask the big questions

Zach and I were invited by our childbirth educator, Susan Messina, to visit her current class as the “experienced new parents” and share a little bit of what life was/is like now that we have a baby. More on that later, but I was amused – and, frankly, delighted! – that we had more questions on our cloth diapers than on any other single topic. A few people noticed the cloths when I changed Del before the class began. Others noticed during our talk as we held and passed Del back and forth between us. Questions boiled down to “which ones are you using/how do you like them/are they a chore?”

Since I’ve written a few posts already about them, here’s a little round up of what I’ve had to say, in case any other parents-to-be are considering it!

Prepping new diapers

Traveling with cloth diapers and more on traveling with cloth

I made a someecard (feel free to share it!)

Cloth diapers and being green

Cloth diapers and saving moolah

Diaper washing routine

Guest post on elimination communication and cloth diapering


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