For comparison: a generation

We went to Granddude and Nana’s for dinner last night. After dinner, Dave (Granddude) brought out old photos of Zach as a baby! We phone-photo’d a few and scanned a few. The likeness is really adorably amazing!

Left (the baby) is Zach, right is Del.
Left is Zach around 4 months, right is Del.
Crying, left is Zach and right is Del.

 I love this photo Dave took of Zach getting a bath – can’t wait to recreate it with Del, and hang the two prints together in the bathroom.

And one last photo: Dave, Zach and Del, when Del was just a couple of weeks old:

We’re visiting my family in July for my brother’s wedding, and I hope to get Mom to pull out my baby book so I can get copies of myself at this age too.


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