And we’re off…

This morning I’m scouring Babble for tips on traveling with a baby. There’s not a ton…

baby in air port

image from, selected for the hand-knit outfit this adorable kid is wearing.

We have made one trip since Del was born, an overnight stay in New York City (that included a visit with our friends Amanda and Jordan, who were expecting then, and now are at home with their beautiful daughter Alison!) We took the train, which was heavenly. Del was about three months old then, and we took turns holding him in our laps or in the sling. He slept most of the way. We used our fantastic hybrid diapers with the disposable inserts. Del slept with us in the bed at the hotel. I carried him in the sling everywhere we went because NYC’s subways have no elevators. I don’t know how mamas there do it. Three cheers for DC’s metro.

Today though, I’m preparing for a four-hour flight and four days away, in a hotel. I think we’ve got the main things covered: hybrid diapers ready to go with a new bag of disposable inserts that arrived this week from Green Baby Elephant. (I don’t mind saying I feel icky about having to use them, along with throw-away wipes… I pretty much love our cloths.) I’m also taking cloth doublers for the nights. We’re using slings again this time since checking the carseat/stroller base is so pricey. We will have a car seat in the rental car, and we’ll do without the stroller.  I’ve got a couple of baby blankets, mostly for playing on the floor, and a few toys.

In the diaper bag/carry on: hybrid diapers and wipes, extra onesie, pacifier (I am terrified of losing this), second sling, a couple of board  books and the goofy silicone tea ball he’s been loving to chew on lately.

No bottles! no formula! Breastfeeding for the win!

The two best tips I’ve found on Babble so far are to breastfeed during take off and landing – helps babies deal with the pressure changes in their ears – and bring along the Sleep Sheep in case of hotel noise. Good tips. I found some other helpful tips here.

We’ve got a late flight, so I am hoping Del will be drowsy, cuddly, nurs-y and will settle down in the sling for the most part. He is used to being in it, and usually falls asleep easily. Here’s hoping.

Finally, a word of advice if storing your baby in the overhead bin during travel: Be careful opening the overhead bins as items may shit in transit.



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