My baby ate!

Tonight Del Giacomo Walls ate his first solid food! I made fresh steamed sweet potato and mama’s milk puree, and we set Del up in his Bumbo seat to have a taste. He LOVED it. I am so proud of my little guy. He ate happily, played with the spoon himself, and, because our child is hilarious, he licked his tray between bites! After his bath (sweet potatoes are sticky!) he snuggled up and nursed and fell asleep. Oh my little baby, soak in all those vitamins. This mama is one happy lady.

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4 responses to “My baby ate!

  • averagechildhood

    Very lucky! One more month and I get to see how my little one takes to it…

    • DragonKat

      The best advice I heard in the class I took on starting solids (from Breastfeeding Center of DC) was that as long as you’re continuing to breast feed while introducing solids, just let eating be a learning experience. It’s about exploring new tastes and textures more than it is about getting nutrition. I’m not trying to get Del to sleep through the night or anything, so our first meals are just fun, un-pressured learning opportunities. Followed by fun bath time. Haha!

  • Letty

    First bites (or nom-noms) are so precious! Congrats!

    • DragonKat

      It is pretty cute – and I am really glad he seems happy about eating. I also hope the orange will wash out of the diaper covers. 😀

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