How did you get here?

So, WordPress (my blog platform) has a feature that gives me stats on site visits and visitors. One of the pieces of information it give me is the search terms used for anyone who searched for something and landed on my blog as a result. Who would believe those search terms are totally worth a post of their own?! But I give you:

Things People Googled That Led to Me

“can a child nurse standing in a chair” – it pays to write a post on a flash-in-a-pan controversy.

“chubby hot guys” – Awesome! One day Del will appreciate this, or be mortified.

“sam caligione autograph” – that’s right people, I have it.

“600 lb gorilla cookies raw” – I am ashamed this one is true.

“enormous breastfeeding breasts katie jett” – Yep, my name was in the search terms. *waves cheerfully to my stalker and orders some mace off the internet*

“kill bill baby onesie” – whoever searched this, what a great idea. Did you find one?!


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