*whispers* Elmo!

From contributing writer Ann Croft,  one of the coolest moms I know.


I am ashamed to admit it, but I have let my 13 month-old watch television.  And not just once – more like once a week.

I am ashamed, not because I grew up without television, but, because I am one of those obnoxious people who will state with disgust, “Oh – I don’t watch T.V.”   And here I am, letting – no not letting – encouraging my baby to watch Elmo.

I’ve got a million excuses.  And they all begin with the fact that I’m exhausted.

The kicker is that my kid, my brilliant, creative, funny kid, LOVES Elmo.  The first time I put in an Elmo DVD (that my pusher-husband brought home from the library – yes, let’s blame him!) she stopped what she was doing, plopped down on the rug, and said, “Hi!” to the T.V.  She was hooked.

She laughs uproariously when Elmo laughs.  Which is ALL the time, by the way.  And she bops along to his silly songs.  I’m pretty sure she thinks Elmo is a very talented cat as she calls to him the same way she calls our housecats.

While she watches, she will often turn her head to check in with me almost as if she is making sure that I am soaking it all in with her.  Her eyes seem to say, “Got that, mommy, got that?  Mr. Noodle thinks a banana is a telephone!  Oh Mr. Noodle!”

And it gets better.  I let her stand directly beneath the television, holding on to the table with her neck bent almost 90 degrees staring up at the screen.  Yes, I have moved her away for fear that she’ll strain her eyes or pull the whole thing down on herself.  But it’s as if she just can’t get close enough to Elmo.  She always ends up back in that position.

Get this girl a hard hat!

So.  Not only is my child’s brain being turned to mush by the evil producers of Sesame Street, she is going to need a neck brace and glasses by the time she gets to kindergarten.

But let me tell you.  As guilty as I feel.  As much as I try to keep this my dirty little secret.  As much as I say, “Just this once because I am soooo tired.  But after this, never again,” I have to admit it, much like my 13 month-old, I’m hooked on Elmo.


Do dah doo doo Do dah doo doo Elmo’s World. . . .♬♫


10 responses to “*whispers* Elmo!

  • Chicken Nuggets and Elmo

    Nothing wrong with Elmo… or Baby Einstein! As long as it is educational, and it’s not 24/7… at least that’s what I think. My 2 year old has recently come to love Super Why. She knows all her letters really well and she loves the characters, spelling and rhyming. But her first love is still Elmo…

  • Maša

    I think that the most of us let the kids watch more tv (or at an earlier age) than we are willing to admit! 😀

  • abraalani

    There’s a really neat documentary about the puppeteer who turned Elmo into the lovable character he is today. In the beginning, “Elmo” was more of a caveman type character! So weird! I found it on Netflix, and could watch it instantly. I definitely recommend it for any fan of Elmo.

  • cultstagemonkey

    I’ll admit it. I totally sat down with Del and watched the first episode of my (yes, MY…Katie gave it to me as a Christmas gift years ago) Sesame Street Old School DVD with Del when he was like, six weeks old. Our pediatrician’s (balls-out condescending) substitute-pediatrician-assistant acted like I was horrible when I mentioned that he loves Sesame Street. So what? I had, at that point, watched *one* episode across two sittings (ADD? OMGADDGETMESOMERITALIN!!!). He also likes to watch when I play video games. I’m pretty sure he’ll turn out fine as long as we keep reading to him, taking him on walks, talking to him, etc. I’m not advocating nurturing a little couch potato, but I don’t think a baby being in a room with a TV is going to warp its mind.

    If anything, *I* am going to warp our child’s mind. Oh man, am I going to warp our child’s mind. Stay tuned to this blog, folks. One day, Katie will be blogging about how I turned our child into a Linux freak.

    • DragonKat

      Del shows no interest in House Hunters. Perhaps because I watch while I feed him. What can compete with lunch?!

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  • Tia Bach

    Love the picture! All things in moderation, and that includes a neck-stretching occasional enjoyment of some Elmo. Enjoyed the post! 😉 Happy Mother’s Day.

  • kamellia73

    I went from not even checking email with my infant to gladly letting my now six-year-old watch endless movies on Netflix so I can get some rest/ peace/ quiet. Funny how we do things we’d never expect, once the reality of non-stop motherhood kicks in! Yesterday (Mother’s Day), we were at a restaurant and my 18-month old was getting fussy and grabby and was clanging the spoons and spilling the water. The hipsters in the restaurant were not amused. We seemed to be the only family there for Mother’s Day (hey, I’ve been going to this restaurant for a good 15 years), and so this what I did. I poured sugar into my baby’s hand and let him eat it. I know! Gasp!! I can’t believe I did that. But it worked. And he was fine.

  • Letty

    I love this post. I felt guilty when I used to turn on Baby Einstein so I could get dinner started or fixed. It’s been a slippery slope and the more pregnant I got with child #2 (and when she was a younger infant) the more video programming child #1 was allowed to watch. I’m kind of over the guilt now. Yes. My kid watches TV, but it’s specific and it (mostly) doesn’t overtly suck. And as much as I wanted to hate Elmo, I have learned to love him. His toddler appeal makes so much sense. … and I find it adorable when she calls Mr. Noodle, “Mr. Noo Noo.” All this is to say: solidarity, sister!

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