A to Z: day in the life of Del

image from grassrootsmodern.com

A is for a.m, when you drag me from sleep, cooing and smiling till I am giggling and trying not to wake your dad.

B is for breastfeeding in bed, lying side by side while you contentedly suckle.

C is for coffee with almond milk, fixed while you sit in your Bumbo chair on the counter, watching my every move.

D is for diapers. Dozens of diapers.

E is for ears, I talk to you all day long so your brain stays busy learning.

F is for feet, your favorite toys.

G is for gagging – you suck on your fingers till you gag yourself at least once a day.

H is for happy. You smile and laugh so easily.

J is for jumping when dad startles you with his loud sneezes.

K is for knitting you lay on the floor beside me, kicking.

L is for laundry, there is always more to be done.

M is for meals, you always seem to want your meal just when mine is ready.

N is for naps – short cat naps all day.

O is for onesies – piles and piles of onesies.

P is for Pumpkindoodle, a silly nickname, I know. Sorry.

Q is for how quickly you grow.

R is for rolling over – you’re so close, but not quite. More tummy time for you, Mister.

S is for stroller and sling, two things you love. And for sun, one thing you hate.

T is for toys, which all go straight to your mouth.

U is for undressed – which you seem to like because it’s easier to get your feet into your mouth that way.

V is for vomit that runs down my shoulder about a dozen times a day. Gross.

W is for water in your nighttime bath with Dad, where you float and kick and come out smelling sweet and clean.

X is for all the names you didn’t get stuck with.

Y is for yawning – you have the cutest yawn in the world.

Z is for the zzz of your little sleepy snore.


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