Boy toys and baby fashion

In just the last couple of weeks Del has started enjoying toys, awkwardly maneuvering his little hands to reach for, grasp, and move whatever toy is in sight. Getting it to his mouth is mission-accomplished, and favored toys are those with good grip-ability and deliciousness.

The red and white ball was a gift from an admirer at the yarn shop where we hang out on Tuesdays. She left it in a bag with Del’s name on it! I am pretty sure it’s handmade. It scores high in the visual delight and grip-ability categories.


The playmat is great! I resisted getting one because, well, they’re ugly. But as Del got more and more interested in reaching for toys, I thought he might enjoy having them overhead, and I thought I could use the free time if indeed a playmat would allow him to entertain himself for a few minutes at a time. I looked at a few online and in stores, but none seemed worth the price. My advice: do what I did and borrow one from someone else. Babies change so fast that a favorite toy one month is outgrown at the next developmental stage. Lucky for me, my friend Ann had one that her daughter was not using anymore. We borrowed it and Del really loves it. Typically he’ll play here for 15-20 minutes on his own, and longer if I sit with him. The octopus is named Cthulhu, after an evil creature in an HP Lovecraft tale (and in a particularly awesome episode of South Park).  Del will wrestle Cthulhu, chewing on its legs and growling and grunting till he works himself up and cries. I think Cthulhu is winning.  Off to the lower right in this picture is a fabulous toy, a bunch of large wooden beads on a tight elastic band. Del can get his little hands around the balls, and pull the toy to his mouth to gnaw on one. Happy coincidence, it makes a superb bracelet for mom. (Kidding. It’s ridiculous.)

Here Del is making out with Willie the Wiggle-worm, one of his hand-knit toys by yours truly. I LOVE knitting toys for my little guy, and he rewards me by lovingly drooling all over them, to mark them as his own. I’ll do a post in the future about the knitted toys with pictures of what is done so far.




This picture, which is too adorable for words, is Del wearing his new Baby Legs legwarmers. Can I tell you how much I love these things? He can wear a onesie and these keep his legs warm without the need for pants – hence no pants to take off and put back on for a diaper change! They’re so freakin’ cute. We got these at greenberries, the awesome consignment shop that hosted a Great Diaper Change event last weekend. Much fun. We wants more and more.





Ok, this isn’t really fashion (but we do kind of love the Dr. Seuss onesies!)… it’s really just my adorable child making an adorable face.







More gratuitous adorableness? Or is the birthday suit the height of haut baby fashion. You be the judge.


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