Del at 4 months

My baby is changing so fast! I just managed to shoot his 4 month pictures and wow! (Ok, I also got a new lens for my camera today so am not only gushing over my baby but also over the lens.) But this is the mommy blog, not the photography blog, right? Here’s our little guy – look at the differences since last month!

A few new facts about you, Del:

  • You are STRONG! You like to stand on your chubby little legs with someone helping you balance.
  • You weigh 15 lbs 3 oz.
  • You really like your Bumbo chair, and sit in it on the kitchen counter while I clean or cook.
  • You’re interested in almost everything, and look intently at trees, television, pictures of yourself, and your mom and dad.
  • You are still nursing like a champion, and love to snuggle in bed to nurse and nap.
  • You’ve been much more restless at night lately, waking often to eat. But still just cat naps during the day most of the time. Which can make it hard to get housework or photowork done sometimes.
  • You hang out with dad when I go to photo shoots, and you kind of give him a hard time sometimes. But you take your bottle well, and you like when he takes you on walks.
  • You like lots of toys now! Your special ones are a soft white bunny from Auntie Kristi (named Somebunny), a cloth rattle with bright pictures on each end, and the playmat on loan from your friend Violet.
  • You’ve started making a whole new sound: screeching. You love to do it, it’s loud, and sometimes you scare yourself. Other times you make yourself laugh.
  • And you laugh A LOT! Things that make you laugh: if someone screeches back to you, being bounced on the bed, being bounced while you stand up with help, and sometimes just mom making silly words and faces to you.
  • You can hold and chew on your toes, and you love doing it. It’s so adorable.
  • You still don’t really care for long photo shoots.

So, Red Bean, you, at 4 months:

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