Del’s Three-Month Photo Session

Yesterday, March 8 was Del’s 3-month birthday. I am amazed by how much he has changed from that skinny, squirming newborn, so amazingly fragile and tiny. Though still a little guy, he’s now chubby and chattering, curious and demanding and engaging.

Some stats about you, little man:

  • You can hold your head up well, and you look around almost constantly.
  • You weigh 13.7 lbs
  • You hate tummy time but will tolerate it for 10 minutes or so, as long as I stay nearby.
  • You love to look at books with black and white pictures, and we read the same two almost every day.
  • You like when your dad reads to you, and you like to sit with him and watch tv.
  • You are having a growth spurt right now, which means you’re eating like crazy, especially in the evenings.
  • You really love going for walks – stroller or sling. We use both and you’re always content.
  • You’re sleeping almost entirely through the night – you have been for almost a month now. You go to bed around midnight and wake around 6 for a meal, then sleep again till around 7:30 or 8 am. Sometimes you’ll even nap one more time after that. But then, nothing but cat naps during the rest of the day, unless I sleep with you or carry you in the sling.
  • You like the mobile over your bed. You smile and jabber at it.
  • You like to have music or radio on during the day.
  • You’ve just adopted your first toy – a striped burp rag that you grab and shake and put in your mouth. So far no other toys interest you much.
  • Though you don’t cry much, you’ve gotten pretty loud and put those lungs to good use when you need them.
  • You smile a lot, and are just beginning to laugh. It’s hard to get you to laugh, but you often laugh in your sleep right as you fall asleep. It’s insanely adorable.
  • You don’t really care for long photo shoots.

And here you are, Red Bean. Our little munchkin. This is what you look like at three months old:

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