NYC Weekend

Once more my belief that I have the best baby on the planet is reinforced!

Last weekend, we took the train up to NYC. We’re used to traveling, the two of us, with nothing but a back-pack each. So obviously, we had to make some adjustments, since the little monkey can’t carry his own stuff yet! Zach has this crazy Pelican Case that looks like it’s made for carrying weapons, but it’s all hard-sided and indestructible. Perfect for hauling through the streets of NYC, bumping up curbs and through puddles of dubious origin. We packed up in that, along with back-packs for what we would want access to on the train. My backpack was half diaper bag, which worked out pretty well. And we left the stroller here – New York’s subways have NO ELEVATORS! (This shocked me.) Turns out it was more than fine to stick with the sling – Del was happier, it was easy to shift from carrying to nursing, and I didn’t have to manage the stroller in the streets, subway, friend’s house and hotel.

The train ride was great – if I could magically make all travel train travel, I would do it. And Del was a dream, sleeping, eating and enjoying snuggles with his daddy. It was totally the hip mommies train, too – across from us was a mom with her adorable little girl in a sling. Baby was wearing a t-shirt that said “Brooklyn”, and mom was wearing flowered print top, bell bottom jeans and worn out brown Chucks. She had a book called The Real Vegan in her bag. Me, across from her, with my knitting out. We each nursed our babes during the ride. Go Mom Power!

Once in NYC – and after we’d satiated our craving for the awesome food at Salsa y Salsa in Chelsea – Zach went to his improv class and I took on the metro subway with baby in tow to my friends’ home in Brooklyn. Recall, NO ELEVATORS in the subway. (I am still shocked.) Here’s a bit of the brilliance I feel I owe entirely to iPhone: I’d left home with one less knitting needle than I needed for the project I was working on. TapTapTap on the phone and I have my choice of five knitting shops in Brooklyn. TapTapTap, I’ve narrowed it down to shops in walking distance of the metro subway line I’d be riding to my friends place. Checked the websites of the nearest shops and opted for one of the two. Hopped off the train at the right stop, found the shop, bought my needles, nursed my kid, and grabbed a cab for the last 3/4 mile to my friend. I felt super competent!

The Golden Eye - Old Tom Gin, Ginger Liquor, lemon juice and a cherry. It rocked my socks!

You’ve already seen the awesome photos I took with Jordan and Amanda when we got there. (Yep, shot with Del in sling!) Then we enjoyed their hospitality and Jordan’s formidable cocktail mixing skills, and some pizza, till way too late!

At Murray's

When we finally got back to our cute room in the Chelsea Star, we were exhausted! Del slept on his sheepskin, placed in a chair wedged safely and snugly against my side of the bed. The hotel was noisy though, so we didn’t sleep really well. The next morning we were up and ready to go, starting our day at one of our favorite Chelsea bagel shops, Murray’s. After breakfast and coffee, we walked up to UCB Theater for Zach’s class performance.

Improvising often involves impromptu cultural references, like this Lion King moment.

UCB was founded by students of the “father of improv” Del Close, the fella from whom we borrowed a name for our son. Upon discovering this, staff on hand that day declared Del the unofficial mascot and heaped him with adoration.

Post-show, we hung out for a beer with Zach’s class mates, then got a delicious lunch at a Persian place nearby, and grabbed snacks for the train ride home. Thinking about it later, we realized we’d had bagels from a Jewish deli, kabobs from a Persian restaurant, and on the train home, wine and bread. Covered three major world religions in one day of meals.

It was a great weekend, and I was thrilled that Del was such a good traveler. It also felt good to get away for the first time since he was born, and to see that it doable (especially since we have THREE weddings to attend later this summer).



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