Neither hair nor there

I totally related to this post on Gus & Lula about Mommy Hair.

True confession: I have not had a hair cut since I got pregnant. I just am not good at getting around to it. I had an appointment in December, but instead of getting a haircut that Friday morning, I was snuggling my newborn son. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since. I even have a gift card to Immortal Beloved here in DC from my awesome mom and dad-in-law. But I just keep trimming my own bangs and thinking I’ll get around to it eventually. Part of me wants to keep the card so the promise of a great hair cut remains on my horizon!


A quick self portrait of today's Mommy Hair

I love the mommy hair suggestions above… my own mommy hair tip is similar: make a loose ponytail, leaving the pony looped into the elastic. Spread the “loop” around, pull a few loops loose from the rest and bobby pin them into a messy bun. If you do this when your hair’s damp, whenever you take it down, you’ll likely have some nice waves to enjoy (I speak to those of you like me who have stick straight hair).

What are your mommy hair suggestions?


3 responses to “Neither hair nor there

  • Ca

    I can relate- my last hair cut was the week before Charlie was born. My new favorite hair trick is the sock bun (to create beautiful curls) that I found via Pinterest. Also, I have stopped using Shampoo- only conditioner. I use Suave Rosemary and Mint and it works great- I just use a big handful and “lather” it up and rinse. I’m using twice as much conditioner, so it’s not really about saving money, but it saves times and my hair looks a lot better. I still do this conditioner routine it every other day, but I haven’t used shampoo since November.

    • DragonKat

      I am intrigued but nervous to try your technique. However, if it makes managing mom hair easier, all for it! 😀 I have done the sock bun curls a few times, with varying results. I kind of like the bun too – though mine always looks a little funny. I meant to take a pic of my hair after being up as it is in the picture – but I forgot, then slept on it, now it’s back to normal. I do appreciate Pinterest’s contributions to my hair savvy of late!

  • Nona

    Well still being a mom with older teens at home, my mom style is a simle ponytail. I did however have highlights done again and I love them!


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