Eight weeks

It’s astonishing how fast the milestones come when you count the passage of time in weeks. This is not true in pregnancy – that takes forever… until it’s over, then you realize how quickly such a monumental event passed. But once that little bambino is installed in your arms, the calendar pages fly like in an old movie – pages blowing left and right as days pass in the blink of an eye.

Del is eight weeks old now, and he celebrated this occasion by sleeping six and a half hours straight last night. I ended up prodding him awake at 6:30 because I knew he’d be really hungry and have a really wet diaper. Both things were true, and he nursed ravenously, cuddled between me and Zach. We all fell back asleep, Del and I didn’t wake up again till after Zach was up, a cozy couple of hours later.

The lengthening sleeps are not something new, though last night’s was the record. For the last two weeks or so, Del has been sleeping 5 hour stretches most nights, which is best when we hold off true bedtime till about midnight. He takes an evening nap between his more frequent evening nursings, but spends a lot of the late evening awake. Around 11:30 he has his last feed then goes to his bed, even if he is not asleep. He will fall asleep and stay that way till sometime between 4:45 and 5:30. And after a drowsy nurse in bed, he sleeps again till around 7. After a little play and some breakfast, he’ll usually take one more nice nap in his swing, giving me a little time to start laundry or shower, or write.

Nearly all of his troublesome digestive issues have settled down. The more I talk to other moms and hear of babies with more challenging problems, the more grateful I am that Del’s issues were pretty minor. He’s only occasionally bothered by things I eat so I’m not worrying about that anymore. He still hates burping and gets pretty upset about gassiness, but usually for no more than 15 minutes at time – though that upset 15 minutes might recur over and over on a rough day. But he’s a good eater, and is getting that adorable baby fatness all over.

He’s wearing his 3-6 month sized clothes now, though part of that is because the cloth diapers we use are a little bulky and demand extra space and length in pants and sleepers. I ordered him a pair of jeans via Amazon just the other day – it’s time he had some stylin’ pants to wear over all his cute onesies when we go out.

And we go out a LOT. This has been a really mild winter, and I’ve really taken advantage of that. Many days we take long walks with either the sling carrier or the stroller (sometimes both!). We’ve been out for lunch with friends, over to the yarn shop to knit, down the street to Panera for a snack, and we’ve spent several hours hanging out in Meridian Hill Park. I can pick up groceries when we’re out (one benefit of the stroller is it’s ample storage under the seat). Del loves walks, and unlike his first few outings, he now stays awake much more, looking and listening as we move through the city. I always imagine Sesame Street montages as we walk: “Here comes the bus! Hear the bus breaks whoosh, see the bus stop, see the people get on the bus. Here comes a puppy dog! Hear the dog’s leash jingle-jingle, see the dog sniff the grass and trees, see the dog walker pat the dog’s head.”

Del likes to sit in his Dad’s lap in the evening, and has really started to like bathtime with Dad too. Zach washes him, then lets him “swim” by holding the back of his head while Del floats, all the while kicking his chubby little legs and splashing in the water. Getting out of the bath is way less fun, apparently, because when I take him, he shivers and cries until he’s warmly dressed again.

The cloth diapers are wonderful. A big thanks to my sister-in-law who initially convinced me it was totally doable. And babywearing: do it. I can’t tell you how much Del and I enjoy using the sling, even around the house. Fussy evenings are pretty much solved with the sling. Nursing in public is easier for me when I use the sling for additional support. And Del really loves being cuddled up to me. I attribute some of his overall content nature to those opportunities to get all the snuggles he wants.


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