Ten days in to cloth diapering and I am sold. This is definitely a good choice for us.

Last Saturday Del and I were home alone for the day, and, in addition to declaring it “Stay in Bed Saturday” (armed with iPad, phone, Kindle, diapers and wipes handy, and baby, we camped in bed nearly all day!) I also set that day aside for Cloth Diapering Kickoff.

I had the diapers washed, so they were ready to be assembled Saturday morning.

The diapers I chose for Del are the GroVia “hybrid” diapers – outer covers with absorbent inserts that snap in. They are “hybrid” because you can also use a disposable insert in the diaper cover for times when you need the convenience of disposables. They also have adjustable sizing, so the diapers fit baby from about 10 lbs till … I don’t know how big – till they’re potty trained.

The inserts get washed after each use, and the covers can be washed if they are soiled or wet, but can be reused repeatedly before washing as long as they remain clean. I have 12 covers and 22 inserts.

I have to wash inserts every other day, plus whatever covers need washing. Ideally, I’d like to have another 6 inserts – that would give me a buffer in case I wasn’t able to wash on schedule. But as it is, I have enough to last through two days and nights. So far I have not line dried the inserts because they take so long to dry in our bathroom (I am sure outdoors they’d dry much faster but I don’t have a line put up out there yet). I line dry the covers and do the inserts in the dryer for now.

It took a couple days adjustment for Del to feel comfortable in the new diapers – they definitely are bulkier than disposables, and while he is still small, they come up pretty high on his tummy and back. But he will grow into them, and now he doesn’t even notice his fluffier butt! We call the green pairs his Kermit pants.

I really like using them and don’t find them to be a hassle at all. I kind of like assembling the diapers – I put inserts into diapers when they’re fresh from the wash so I don’t have to snap as I go – they’re ready for us when we go to grab one. I have a sprayer in the bathroom to spray soiled diapers into the toilet, and a waterproof laundry bag to collect them between washings. The bag itself is washable so I usually wash it along with the load every other day. I keep a small trash bag near where we change diapers for dirty wipes, and the decrease in our garbage load is considerable! Also, I don’t have to go buy diapers anymore! WOOT!

I want to give special thanks to Green Baby Elephant, where I purchased all my cloth diaper components. Tonya, who owns GBE, is wonderful to work with! She even introduced me to the Hevea natural rubber pacifier which is Del’s favorite.


3 responses to “Diapers

  • Anna

    Super! we use a similar style (flip) but I like that you can snap inserts into the GroVia…. seems like it could be great once R gets to the bigger, on-the-go stage. Maybe I’ll check those out.

    I highly recommend cloth wipes as well (just baby facecloths, really) – we use them for at home and just toss ’em in with the diapers, which is just so much easier. I keep the clean ones in a basket in the washroom and just wet it at the sink on the way to do the diaper change. Although it makes the box of 900 wipes we bought at Costco pretty redundant.

  • DragonKat

    Anna, I’ve thought about cloth wipes too, just have not gotten around to it.

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