Babies are so responsive to rhythm. Del loves it. Whether it’s mama swaying as he rests on my shoulder, or daddy bouncing him up and down, or the motion and quiet clicking of his swing, where he is sleeping away peacefully at the moment. The rhythms of a heartbeat which he hears when asleep on my chest or Zach’s, or which is mimicked by the sweet little “Sleep Sheep” that plays white noises when he naps. The rhythm of sucking at my breast.

Thankfully, his morning nap has given me time to get a load of laundry started, place an order for a late Christmas gift for my Grammy, and make myself a decent breakfast (is it still breakfast if it’s after 11 before I get to it?). And just maybe time enough to write a blog post – or at least get one started.

…. 5 hours later…

Now the day is half over, we’ve had a couple of nursings, a couple of naps (even Mom got a nap today!), and a wet wintery snow is falling outside.

I was thinking about rhythms when I began writing this post. Not only those rhythms that comfort Del, but also the rhythms that make my life comfortable right now. I’m getting into the groove of living life in 2-3 hour segments. Each segment begins with nursing the baby – and what happens after varies depending on the time of day and whether I am home alone that day or if Zach is here. In the morning segments, I make myself a good breakfast each day, and try to start some laundry or other needed chore of the day, and hopefully get a shower. The midday segment is usually a longer awake time for Del, and if he’s feeling good, we might play on the floor or take a walk. If he’s dealing with reflux and feeling bad, it’s comforting and swaying and snuggling. It’s usually edging into afternoon by the time he takes his next nap, and I try to make progress on whatever chore I’m working on, and take a few minutes to talk to Zach if he’s at his office – and maybe get a shower if I haven’t done that yet. If he’s home, we might watch some t.v. and eat lunch together. The afternoon and evening segments are time to knit or write, and then to make dinner preparations. I’m still not exactly killing it on the dinner front, but we’re getting better. Evenings are usually fussier times for Del, though the last few days he has had calmer evenings and napped well. Zach and I eat dinner, and try to catch some t.v. together, clean the kitchen and spend a little time on line before we pass out. The night time segments are obviously for sleeping between Del’s midnight snacks. Lately Del nurses in bed and sleeps with us for an hour or so after, till he’s very soundly asleep and moves back to his bed easily. It’s a comfortable arrangement that seems to maximize sleep for everyone. His last “night” feeding is usually around 5 am, and he tends to stay awake after this one, and I’ve decided to stop fighting that, and just come to living room with him and watch a bot of whatever movie or show I’m present on. That makes me feel less like I am missing sleep and more like I’m just up early. Once he is asleep again, I go back to bed and the cycle begins again when he wakes again around 8 or 9.


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