This year will definitely stand out in my memory in all its fullness, more so than most other years of my life. Not because no other year contains momentous events – certainly they do. But this particular year encompassed one of the most transformative events and that event took almost the entire year to accomplish. While pregnancy and Del’s birth were huge parts of this year, there were other wonderful things!

A few highlights:

In January, Zach took me to see the B-52s at the 9:30 Club! They may be old but Kate was rockin’ that red wig.

In February, we went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! We saw great parades and spent time with cousins – hi, Pallie!

I got an A on my Calculus for Business final.

We toured the Dogfish Head Brewery, and met Sam Calagione at his restaurant during brunch. He autographed my shirt – we were such fanboys.

Yeah, THAT!

It was a beautiful spring in DC, and I enjoyed almost daily walks to work.

Zach took the first level improv class at Upright Citizens’ Brigade in NYC. I joined him on the last weekend of class to see his showcase performance.

It was Mothers Day while we were in NYC. Zach and our little Red Bean surprised me with this card.

I started showing.

Kim and Mat visited us from NYC, and we visited the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum – known to DC locals as “the good one”. We love you guys and can’t wait to be a part of your wedding this summer!

I started knitting again. Inspired by Red Bean’s arrival. This blanket was the first thing I did, and it now gets used every single day. Many thanks to my friends at Looped Yarn Works.

We went to a baseball game courtesy of my office. We had great seats, but alas, neither of us are really baseball fans. It was fun to hang out with co-workers, eat hot dogs and enjoy the summer night though.

My belly grew!

And grew!

Hurricane Irene skirted the DC area before causing serious damage farther north.

Buying cute maternity clothes was excellent for the morale.

We set up the crib in the fall.

Baby showers ahead!

Maternity photos, shot by my best friend Kristi, at Meridian Hill Park.

Zach installed the car seat in November.

This was me at Thanksgiving!

The baby shelf, in our bedroom. Diapers on the bottom, cute things on top. Ready to welcome our baby.

More maternity style.

December 8, 2011 — Welcome, Del Giacomo Walls!

He did this on his own.

Father and son.

Kristi visits Del, helps me out with housework, and lets me gab about my maternal experiences.

Parenthood is growing on us so well that we catch ourselves calling each other Mom and Dad instead of Katie and Zach.

Three generations of Walls men.

Del’s birth certificate arrives in the mail. I was somewhat peeved that our transfer to the hospital for his birth means he was born in Virginia instead of the District, but what can ya do?

This is me, at the end of 2011.

Katie Jett Walls, wife and mother.


3 responses to “Twenty-eleven

  • Justin

    Congrats, Katie! Cool post. So glad to be a part of your awesome year! Good luck with Del. He’s a cutie!

  • Anna

    Hi! I just found your site via my google analytics page and wanted to say thank you for putting my button up here! You have a gorgeous little family. (and PS, I love the crib you guys have! I looked at it for ages online but ended up buying one at ikea)

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