Winter Solstice

Yesterday, December 21st, was Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. It was Del’s due date, but instead, he had his two-week pediatrician visit! It has been an amazing two weeks.

Sleepy, well-fed baby

He is such a good baby. If there’s a definition of easy baby, it’s Del. He rarely cries and has a curious and contented disposition. When he is awake, he likes to be held so he’s in on the action. He is social and will put off napping to engage visitors. He likes to be read to and sung to, and enjoys lying on his wooly sheepskin stretching his long arms and legs and gnawing on his fingers. I take a million pictures because he is so beautiful and my eyes cannot get enough of seeing him. I am grateful that newborns need holding, because I have learned that mommies need to hold. It’s pure biology – I need to hold my son as much as he needs to be held. I have declined visitors’ polite requests to hold him, and taken him back from his grandmother, and on occasion felt reluctance to pass him to his father. I am jealous of his little body and it soothes me to have him close.

I love breastfeeding. Again, I know am lucky to have this easygoing baby and to have encountered no breastfeeding challenges so far. I credit good genes (thanks Mom!), good preparation (thanks, Breastfeeding Center) and good practice (go Me!). The night Del was born, after he was weighed and measured and brought back to me, I put him to my breast and he nursed like a champion, and has done so ever since. Feeding him is a pleasure, and he is growing like crazy. He only lost a few ounces in the hours after birth, and had regained them plus more by day four. At his two-week visit he weighed 8 lbs 5 oz – a 1 lb 5 oz gain since he was born, in just 13 days. As my friend Heather put it: Go boobies!!

Today is Zach’s first day back to work after two weeks off. Two intense weeks – 35 hours of labor, a day and half in the hospital, and another 10 days at home with a newborn, sleeping in three hour pops, driving to lactation consultants, pediatricians, and getting a little of his own work done on an important work project. He is a swaddling and diaper changing pro. And he’s pretty awesome company in the face of sleep deprivation, circumcisions, unexpected late night poop bombs and even the occasional crying jag. I love him.

The sun is setting. Tomorrow there will be a little more daylight. And a little more the next day. Happy Solstice!


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