Reflection: laughing

Reverb11 continues, this time with a prompt written by my friend Amanda, who first inspired me to start a blog, and still provides lots of creative energy and inspiration, and who, incidentally, is also expecting her first baby!

December 6: Laughter

What made you laugh this year?

Nice one, Amanda. And in your honor I’ll start with one we both enjoy: improv. I love to watch and perform long-form improv. My performance has been almost nil this year since taking a hiatus from the troupe I played with when I got pregnant, but I still saw many shows including two that were real highlights. First, I got to see the revered T.J. and Dave play in New York. Those two guys are insanely talented and so relentlessly funny that I really, honestly, was in tears laughing during much of their show. The other highlight was seeing my friend Jordan, Amanda’s husband, perform in a two man show where he played a nervous expectant father. He performed this show just a few weeks into Amanda’s pregnancy but before they’d made a public announcement. Not only was it great improv, it was particularly fun to see a friend revealing the stuff going on in his head through his performance.

The internet made me laugh this year. In particular, but in no particular order: Damn You Autocorrect, Shit That Siri Says, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Bad Lip Reading videos of the GOP candidates on YouTube, and as always, The Onion. Also, if you google “Birds with Arms” then click for images, that’s pretty funny too.

My husband made me laugh. I love how much he makes me laugh and how fun it is to make him laugh. We have the silliest conversations, especially late at night in bed. And sometimes we play impromptu improv games or make up little scenes by providing dialogue to things we see. He also makes up songs or sings the wrong words to real songs. And he sends me funny texts. If I’m smiling, there’s a good chance it’s because of him.

Hearing my baby’s heartbeat makes me laugh. I laughed and cried the first time, and it still makes me laugh to hear it.


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