Feeling a little better about things now

A big box of molasses crinkle cookies just arrived – from my mom! I begged her a few days ago to make me cookies and she did! Still soft and spicy and sweet – it can be Christmastime now.

Sugary spicy goodness from mom's kitchen

So… labor. It’s kind of a tease.

Last night was our second false alarm. The first was last week, a Tuesday evening, just before it was time to leave work. A nagging backache took on some “coming and going” qualities that seemed like maybe the onset of contractions. Along with that, I am pretty sure I lost all or most of my mucous plug. Why is there no less-gross word for that? My midwife said go home, hot bath, good meal, and nap. If it’s really labor, it will keep going. If not, it will go away. Well, it went away. But not before Zach had bought all the “food and drink to have on hand for labor” including heroically finding and buying every single Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster drink at Whole Foods. (Isn’t he the best?!)

Last night though, seemed far more likely. I’ve had strong and sometimes regular Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks now. Those had been happening during the day, and late Sunday night, while I was loading the dishwasher before heading to bed, I thought my water broke. It was just a small amount, something less than a gush and more than a trickle. We got excited and called the midwife. She said again, claim any rest you can and contractions should get stronger at some point in the night. If they didn’t, call back in the morning and she would meet us at the birth center to confirm via microscopic slide that I was actually leaking amniotic fluid and not just any of the other copious fluids of late pregnancy. We did a little house cleaning, I took a hot shower, and we went to bed. I did have contractions off and on in the night… but nothing particularly impressive or ‘call the midwife back’ worthy. At 7:15 I checked back with her and she did have us come to the birth center. [Skips over some TMI] Results were somewhat inconclusive but likely NOT broken waters, plus since I was not having any productive labor they had me plan to come back tomorrow morning to check again, and after than, resume the normal waiting.

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed. We were tired, since we’d not slept well. We’d gotten excited and eager to meet Red Bean. We’d squared things away and were ready. And now we were just going home to take a long nap and start waiting all over again.

Nap helped a little. But mom’s cookies helped more.



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