Some Thanksgiving highlights

This was a year for a low-key Thanksgiving. My belly is so big and heavy. Staying home, just the two of us, felt right and good. Here’s a picture of me, feeling big enough to explode:

I woke up well rested and made apple fritters for breakfast – first try of a recipe I found via Pinterest. They were very delicious but not as photogenic as those on the linked page – so look at the linked page and I’ll skip the photo of mine. Mine were too dark on the outside – I think I needed to be deep frying them instead of shallow frying, which let them touch the bottom of the pan. Either way, I would definitely make them again!

Zach's amazing and beautiful turkey, roasted to perfection!

When Zach awoke, we hung out together for a while, watching parts of the Macy’s parade. Then he went to work on the turkey, which had soaked in a brine of beer and other seasoning goodies for almost 48 hours. He trussed it like a pro and put it in the oven to roast. Later I prepped my Dad’s delicious stuffing recipe, which I guess is technically dressing since we don’t stuff the bird with it. I also made some mashed potatoes, and we added to that the cranberry sauce I’d made the night before, and some flaky croissants. When everything was ready, we settled on the couch with full plates and some white wine and enjoyed our feast.

Dad’s stuffing, handed down from his grandmother.

Zach, carving the turkey, after a YouTube lesson with Alton Brown

After dinner, we cleaned up and went out to one of our favorite places – the American Film Institute Theater in Silver Spring, to see The Dark Crystal – showing as part of their month-long tribute to Jim Henson. We intended to stay for Labyrinth afterward but decided we were tired enough to come home instead. That’s how it is now – we don’t stay out for a 9:30 movie anymore. 😉

It was a pleasant, quiet and restful day. A perfect holiday, for which I am grateful. Next year, we reminded each other, we’ll have an almost one-year-old to celebrate with. What a different day it will be for us then!


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