Approaching thirty-six weeks…

In spite of being distracted by I-don’t-know-how-many episodes of Breaking Bad, this was a productive weekend.

My office threw us a very nice shower on Thursday evening that got me inspired to sort and organize the baby things I have on hand – and I must say we’re very well equipped. There is no dearth of adorable onesies and swaddling blankets – and lots of other sweet and needed things too. I still have the big task of washing everything which I’m saving for next week, when I go to my three-day-a-week work schedule. But the sorting and putting away helped me plan out how to use the space efficiently, and also helped me tackle a little pocket of cleaning in the bedroom that I’d been putting off.

On Saturday morning, Zach installed the car seat! We officially have a baby seat in the Prius. Here’s Dad-to-be after completing this feat of wits and strength:

For those interested, we chose the Britax Chaperone. We tested a few in a baby store, and liked that this one is a detachable infant carrier that attaches to several of the really great Britax strollers – so we’ve got our stroller selected to0 – Britax B-Scene – but are waiting to buy it until spring. Babe can be carried in a sling during the remaining winter months. Stroller walks can wait for longer, warmer days.

After car seat installation was complete, we headed out on a shopping trip with three goals: one, a new 2×2 Expedit for the living room, and baskets for the cubbies; two, decent DVD storage binders; three, all of our home birth supplies. The Expedit (now put together and nearly filled up) was a needed organizational tool -now holding some computer parts, balcony gardening tools, and two cubbies worth of knitting materials (aka, my stash). The binder was a big dad-ward step for Zach – he transferred 90% of our DVDs into two binders, keeping cases only for special stuff, thereby making more storage room in our other living room cubbies for thingsthatneedtobeputsomewhere.

And the birth supplies, obtained at Rite-Aid and Target, are from the list provided by our midwives which we need to have on hand in advance of our 36 week home visit – so we’re ready when ever Red Bean decides to make his or her grand entrance into the world.

Missions Accomplished!

More weekend accomplishments included the actual transfer of DVDs into the binders, a fabulous photo session with a great family whom I’ve been shooting for since their first baby was expected almost four years ago! Lots of photo editing, pizza with grandparents-to-be Dave & Donna, and the ordering of a steam mop, gift from grandmother-to-be Avi.

Two and half days of work until Thanksgiving, then a nice long weekend ahead. I’m looking forward to that.


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