Shopping for baby things: Danger, Will Robinson!

I was sick on Monday and stayed home from work. Just a cold. Slept a lot.

One fun thing that happened was my mom called from Target. She was shopping for baby shower things for me and was asking for a few suggestions. So I got out of bed and went to the computer, pulled up my registry and for about 40 minutes, Mom and I “shopped” together. I loved it.

When she hit the aisle of baby grooming stuff she asked what sorts of bath products I wanted. I asked if they carried Weleda because that was an all natural brand I liked. She said no and read off brands she saw, Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, etc. There was also Burt’s Bees and I said bingo – pulled up a list on Amazon of Burt’s Bees Baby products and named a few for her. If there had not been Burt’s Bees, I’d have said Aveeno. Mom joked with me that I was hard to please. I know, I said, I’m picky, humor me.

So here’s the important part:

Then today a Facebook friend posts a link to this article on about carcinogens in Johnson & Johnson’s baby products – a preservative that gives off formaldehyde. Aveeno is a J&J product. And apparently they know, and they actually sell the same products made without the chemical in several other countries. The article’s author asks the obvious question: why not just sell that version in the U.S. Guess what, they do, but it’s their “Naturals” line, and the price is double. Should it really cost twice as much to shampoo your baby in non-carcinogenic shampoo? I guess J&J’s shareholders think it should, for Americans at least.

At any rate, I was so grateful that the Burt’s Bees products were at the Target where my mom was shopping, and that she was willing to indulge my hippie instinct to wash Redbean in something as safe as possible. If neither of those things had happened, I’d have a cache of Aveeno cancer shampoo on it’s way.

Shame on you, Johnson & Johnson.



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