Nursery decor: stylish crib sheets!

I posted a few weeks back about planning to make crib sheets for our Alma Bloom Mini crib mattress. Best I can tell this is the only way to get anything other than the Alma Bloom brand sheets which only come in white and are $50 for a set of 2. I found a tutorial online which seemed exactly what I needed, and enlisted Auntie Kristi’s help – she being the only person I know in town with a sewing machine! I bought three great fabrics from, 1.5 yards each (these were in the neighborhood of $13-16 per yard but there was a sale, and I ended up rounding the least expensive one to 2 yards to bring my total to $35 in order to qualify for free shipping).

You can read the tutorial for yourself if you’re interested. The sheets were very easy to make. One hint and one change we made:

Hint – Prewash your fabric, so if it’s going to shrink it will already have done so. I forgot this step, so the first hour or so of our sewing session was spent hanging out while the washer and dryer ran. If any shrinkage did occur, the amount of fabric purchased was still sufficient for each sheet.

Change – The tutorial calls for stitching the elastic onto the underside edge of the sheet, leaving it exposed. While I guess this is fine, Kristi suggested the more elegant step of sewing a channel for the elastic. So after sewing down the corners, I essentially hemmed the entire rectangle, then hemmed it again to create a channel. Kristi ran the elastic through the channel, and we adjusted the length of the elastic while the sheet was on the mattress to make sure each one fit snugly.

The result is three lovely crib sheets in great prints that look beautiful in our bedroom. Thanks so much, Kristi, for helping with this project. I know I’ll need more than three sheets, so assume we’ll have another sewing session sooner or later.

Back side corner and front of hand made crib sheet

Back of sheet and shot of where the elastic is knotted in one corner, and its channel.

Three pretty crib sheets, ready for Red Bean!


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