Good prenatal feedback

After my nerve-wracking last prenatal visit, I was happy to learn that I’m measuring no more than 1/2 cm larger than I was two weeks ago – which is to say that while measuring 35 cm at 30 weeks was a concern, measuring 35 1/2 at 32 weeks supports the likelihood that Red Bean had a growth spurt a couple weeks ago. I had a chance to read the sonographer’s report and discuss with the midwife, and she felt there was nothing to worry about – she said even if Red Bean is “a big baby” when birth time comes, big babies get born all the time. That’s what I like to hear. Everything else was great too – me and the Bean are doing fine.

We have our 36 week home visit scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving, and next weekend will order our birth kit – the supplies we have to have on hand for the birth.

Finally, don’t forget to “like” Woah Baby! on Facebook or leave a comment on the giveaway post – tomorrow afternoon I’ll put all the names into The Randomizer and announce a winner! And thanks a million, Robbi and Matthew, for announcing our giveaway on Idiot’s Books blog!



3 responses to “Good prenatal feedback

  • Ribbu

    Our first came early, and we spent the first 20 minutes after my water broke running around looking for our packing list. Eventually we decided it was probably more important to get to the hospital. But only after we remembered the one most crucial item on the list: snacks for the birthing partner.

    Baby was born regardless.

  • DragonKat

    Haha – I’m skipping that step. We’re having a homebirth with a nurse-midwife. They’re coming to me. And I’ll get snacks too. 😉

    So – was baby actually early, like small or anything? Or right on for baby-time and just early by your dates? I’m always curious about that – we all tend to cook at different temps, like ovens. Babies get done at different times.

  • Baby Boy Bedding

    Pregnancy and child birth is one of the most amazing moments that will ever happen to a mother. But still there are circumstances that this event seem scary to others. I think during these times, love and support from loved ones really matters to keep things okay. It’s kinda cheering the mother to go and be proud of it.

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