Woah Baby!’s One-Year Anniversary {giveaway}

On October 25th Woah Baby! will be one year old. October seems to be an auspicious time of year for Zach and I – we started dating in October six years ago, and we decided in October of last year to make a baby.

See what I wrote on October 25, 2010.

Woah Baby! started as a private blog where I could stash all the hopes and feelings of starting a family before anyone else knew what we were up to. Once the Redbean was officially on its way, Woah Baby! became a place to share updates with family and friends, post resources that might help other moms-to-be, and even a place to invite other moms to write and share their knowledge and experiences. Yes, there a thousand blogs like it, but this one is mine – and since Me is such a very cool person, I happen to think it’s a very cool blog.

SO, in honor of Woah Baby!‘s first anniversary, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! I’ll tell you at the end of this post how to enter the giveaway, but first, here’s the skinny on the present:

Earlier this month Zach and I were roaming thr0ugh the first cold weekend drizzle of fall in DC at the Crafty Bastards fair in Adams Morgan. It was clearly hipster baby onesie year and we admittedly stocked up on a few of those. We also ran across the coolest little small press publisher IN THE WORLD, called Idiot’s Books. From a renovated hayloft in a converted barn on the Eastern Shore in Maryland, Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson write and illustrate what they call:

odd, commercially non-viable illustrated books…Sometimes they perplex. Often they amuse. Usually satirical and often irreverent, the books aim to exploit the possibilities inherent in the quarrel between pictures and words.”

They also have babies. From chatting with them at Crafty Bastards,  I learned they’re expecting baby number three very soon. Their lively blog chronicles the family’s adventures and misadventures – I love reading it.

Among their tiny books was an irresistible gem called The Baby is Disappointing – a woeful, tongue-in-cheek tale of the shortcomings of the wee thing that arrived with so much promise, illustrated with a slightly creepy vintage-esque baby failing, in every way, to live up to the expectations of normal life. It’s pretty hilarious. For example:

The baby is tremendously conceited, demanding our attention always. ‘Look at me,’ it seems to say, ‘I am so important.’ At least it cannot talk. At least we do not have to hear it brag.”

I hope if they see this they remember they gave me permission to use a picture from their website.

I’m giving away a copy of The Baby is Disappointing to one lucky Woah Baby! visitor, so you too can get a case of the giggles. Whether you win or not, you should check out their other stuff because Christmas is coming and you need cool presents that make people realize you’re way hipper than to just buy a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

How to enter:

1) Like Woah Baby!‘s brand-spanking new (and probably disappointing) Facebook page.

2) Leave a comment here or on the Woah Baby! Facebook page.

Each FB “like” counts as one entry and leaving a comment counts as an entry (but leaving twenty comments does not count as twenty entries). On Friday, October 28th, I will enter the names of all entrants (twice if you did both things) into a handy online randomizing tool and the name it gives me first will be the winner.


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