The Sweet Hereafter

I’ve started a new page (accessed from the menu in the header) called The Sweet Hereafter, to collect my growing arsenal of new baby knowledge.  My first entry is under the “Stuff” category, thanks to new parents Andrew and Rachel, from our childbirth class.

Andrew and Rachel’s baby came a little bit early which was lucky for us, because we got to see the new family at our last class, and hear what things looked like from the other side of the belly! Of interest to me was the “stuff” – what do you really need, what do you really use? On my mind, mainly because of our upcoming baby shower and the creation of registries that goes along with that.

Andrew and Rachel sent our class members a great list of the things they had used so far, and allowed me to post it here. Andrew writes: “We took what seemed like a minimalist approach, but I know that – even before writing this – that it will be a long list (though nothing compared to what buybuyBaby will tell you is needed).” Click to read more.

Thank you both for sending this! It’s SO helpful.


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