Missed opportunity?

Technically it’s not too late. But is Columbia Heights really ready for birth as art?

Brooklyn is, apparently. Performance artist Marni Kotak, in an attempt to upstage me and my little blog, will be giving birth live as an art installation. Her exhibit “will allow art fans and other curious onlookers to watch and wait with Kotek over the next five or so weeks, as she waits to push out her little bundle of art.”

Marni believes the events of real life are far more interesting than anything anyone could manufacture for a performance. She would also like her, uh, audience, to bring her favorite snacks when they come to see her: Nutella on rice cakes, and potato chips. Given the wild popularity of birth videos, I’d say she can expect an eager crowd. I think I’d like to add an exhibit to that gallery: “Pregnant Woman watches Other Pregnant Woman Give Birth As Art”. Zach will be performing too: “Bored Man Eats Pizza Outside While Pregnant Wife Watches Other Pregnant Woman Give Birth As Art”. Who needs tickets to Book of Mormon when REAL LIFE is happening in Brooklyn?

Anyone else want in on this?




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