Six years

This weekend, Columbus Day weekend, is a weekend that both Zach and I have had Monday off for as long as we have known each other.

Six years ago, Columbus Day weekend 2005, we met for the first time, after two weeks of hours-long instant messaging and a few phone calls. It was not technically our first “going out” date, that came later. My friend and roommate at the time, Kristi, had introduced me to her high school friend. We started chatting online – long conversations, which incidentally got us both into a little trouble with our bosses.

Zach and I, reflected, at the Hirschorn, sometime in Fall 2005.

Kristi had planned a camping trip with her new beau, Gary, and invited me along. I asked her to invite Zach to come down too. So he did. I think we’re both glad he did. It was a great camping trip (she says coyly). We got drunk on sake. We snuggled together to keep from freezing. We ate delicious stew around the campfire. He came back down the next weekend, and the following one I went up to DC to visit him. That was our official “first date” , when he took me out for sushi, then to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Folger. We wandered all over DC that weekend and if I wasn’t in love before that weekend (I was), well, I certainly was after that.

A few months later, I moved to DC (and Kristi lost her roommate, but later moved to DC, and married Gary!) and a few months after that, moved in with Zach. Four years after we first met, we got married on the beautiful beach in North Carolina, ate crawfish and paella, and flew kites with our friends.

Two more years later, it’s Columbus Day weekend again, and we kept a low profile, because I’m seven and half months pregnant. We ate some Chik-Fil-A (well, I did, Zach got mad about the poor service and decided not to order anything). We went out to see a movie, and got a little crazy and sneaked into a second movie after the first one was over. Our wild days are not yet over. We came home and made garlic shrimp with pasta, and salads, and sipped red wine. We went to a baby store to look at car seats. We sat on our balcony. We napped away half of a Monday.

There is not a day of my life I’m not deeply grateful that we found each other.  Some days I’m downright giddy about it. When we snuggle up at night and our baby kicks us both, I think about all the snuggles that led to this one, and all the snuggles to come.

Happy Columbus Day to us.


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