Insights from a Yoga Instructor

Image I shot for a client - lotus hands over her belly to receive prosperity and blessing. Click this image to see more of my prenatal yoga photos.

My friend Lisa is a yoga instructor, and just took a class on teaching prenatal yoga. She writes a lovely blog called hellomoment and yesterday she posted her experience being “pregnant” for the class.  I want to share, especially for those who are pregnant and read this – it’s funny and so true! Thanks for sharing your brief pregnancy with us, Lisa! And please, go take a look at hellomoment for Lisa’s other insightful, funny and inspiring posts.

Thoughts on Prenatal Yoga

by hellomoment

The scene: eleven women with blankets strapped to their bellies.  There are blocks, bolsters and blankets everywhere.  Some of us are wiggling our hips because we think it’s really funny and fun to be “pregnant”.

Then, we sit on the floor and get into supported supta baddha konasana.  The practice begins.  Here are the thoughts that ran through my mind during prenatal yoga training.

  • Okay, I am imagining a pure, gold light flooding my heart.  Imagine one in my belly, too, where the baby’s heart is?  This is so beautiful!  My baby!
  • Chanting is great! I wish I were pregnant so I could just chant in yoga all the time, with this warm, golden glow in my chest.
  • Sitting up, legs crossed, leaning forward… to the side… back… to the other side… Pregnant yoga is awesome!  I want to be pregnant so I can just sit on the floor all the time and make circles.  Yes, I will gladly go the other way.
  • Clearing all the props off the mat is annoying, but I am willing to do so because it means we will get to make more circles.  On my hands and knees, gyrating like we would with a hula hoop…

At this point, one of the women exclaims “this action is what got me here in the first place!” and we all crack up.

  • Getting up off the floor is hard!  If I were pregnant, I would just spend all my time on the floor.
  •  My back hurts.  I have to burp.  This baby is IN MY WAY.
  • It takes me forever to get into a lunge because this baby is IN. MY. WAY.
  • My knees are hyperextending in this forward fold.  Taking my feet far apart is not helping.  This BABY is IN MY WAY.

Every now and then we stand upright as the teacher explains the benefits of different postures.  There is a good amount of belly dancing as she talks.  Bouncing the blanket belly around can be fun.  Then we get back to the practice.

  • Why does anyone bother to do anything at all when they’re pregnant?  Everything takes so much effort and time.  I just want to stay on the floor.

At some point, we get on the floor and do some stuff that might be a bit too graphic to share. 

  • I never want to be pregnant.

We end the same way we started, in supported supta baddha konasana.  To close the practice, the teacher says something beautiful and full of imagery and we chant om.



3 responses to “Insights from a Yoga Instructor

  • DragonKat

    My own comment on Lisa’s post, over at her blog read: “Oh, it’s so true – this baby is in my way. All the effin’ time. The weird brief agony of bending over to get a shoe on. The extra bit of reach required to wipe my own you-know-what. And don’t get me started on rolling over in bed and the awkward performance that has become. Like a turtle doing gymnastics. It’s all wrong.What feels good: my personal variation on frog pose – on all fours, pile of pillows under my chest, knees bent and legs wide, belly hanging downward. It’s not pretty but dang it feels good. Also wide-legged downward dog – getting that baby out of my hips and my spine all long and feeling a delicious stretch in my lower back – heavenly. Chanting or even just humming – the breath feels so good and the extra oxygen you get when vocalizing feels good too.

    Thanks for posting this – it’s awesome to read how it felt for you to simulate being pregnant.”

  • Lisa

    What an interesting read, thanks for sharing your experience “being pregnant”!

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